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A teacher for several years and forever at heart, then a humanitarian aid worker to end up a linguist for Apple artificial intelligence system, before finally going into writing for good, I'm inspired by the many countries I visited and people I met around the world. In all of my writings I strive to emphasize authentic core values. In my science fiction dystopian time travel book series New Vision, as well as in my children books I always treat and favorize topics like tolerance,Integrity, honesty, respect, inclusion, fight for the planet and against inequalities. Passionate about the human condition, I make it the one big topic of all of my books.


New vision

New Vision, which in 2121 holds all the powers over the whole planet, has established a new world order in order to restore peace and prosperity within the largest cities of all the continents. It is through its mastery of the most advanced technologies that the organization intends to achieve its goals. What events in our present caused the rise of the New World Order and the creation of New Vision? What means will New Vision implement in order to restore a serene atmosphere on the planet? What will be the obstacles faced by its elite members who will be in charge of missions? Here are the questions that guide the reader through the different parts of the saga. An adventure saga, full of twists and essential questions about our humanity and its role in the universe.


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Science in New Vision book series


Science in New Vision book series

     New Vision book series is a ten volume science fiction alternate history series. 

As it explores an alternate version of our future where Scientists, environmental defenders and the SiliconValley companies get together to take down the political power in place, of course science has a big place inside New Vision books. 

In this article you can explore the different areas of science that are featured in each one of New Vision books. 

Astronomy and quantum physics 

In each of the volumes quantum physics take a big place as the organization New Vision has a special unit working on matter of space and time and that Time Travel through a multiverse with 7 parallel universes is the main topic of the story. 


Neurology and neuropsychology

The second book, 6 intrusions butterfly defect is mostly about the relationship humans have with art and creativity and the relation between neural development, war and peace. 


Many volumes of New Vision question us about our origins and evolution. 


You will notice that among elements linking books "10 Plagues" "7 Parallels" and " 5 women" are stories of some viruses origins.

Human sciences 

Human sciences are at the center of one of the 6 missions from the 7 parallels project 

"How could we live together in  peace in a better world respecting all species" could have been a subtitle of the saga. You will then quickly discover that everything , every question, every answer and every actions in every scene is a matter of sociology. 

If you are a reader interested in science, in history and in Human sciences, if while reading you also like thinking and REthinking you'll enjoy reading the New Vision 10 volume book series. 

                                              Find it in English on Amazon here>

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Man's eras Cyberpunk Dystopian Science fiction novel prologue


Man's eras Cyberpunk Dystopian Science fiction novel prologue


        Humanity and its future is a recurring topic of science fiction. Whether it is an apocalyptic future directly inspired by biblical stories, the pessimistic vision of writers on the world and humanity, observations related to the concerns and anxieties of the changes that surround us or whether it is a promising and conquering future where the entire universe revolves around the human being in all the splendor of his ambition, his rage to live, to discover and to master everything that crosses his path, we writers always approach this science fiction topic with the ambition to ask questions and answer them at the same time. 

        And of course, our aspirations are always and above all to invite the reader to a philosophical, spiritual and sociological but also scientific reflection. Let's dive if you want into what will be used for this reflection. I have chosen as a setting for the evolution of my characters who will be your guides in this analysis, two eras and more particularly two eras of man. The first, a time in the history of the Earth and of humanity, opened with the industrial revolution in the 18th century and thus succeeding the Holocene, during which the human species became a major geological force governing the state, the functioning and evolution of the planet.

    Without knowing it, we have changed geological eras. We have left the ten thousand years of the Holocene era which, due to its warm and stable temperature, saw the birth of agriculture and industry, after the last great Pleistocene glaciation. And we have entered the Anthropocene, the era of man, this era in which man has become the main geophysical force on the planet, capable of modifying his environment. — (Audrey, “Welcome to a new geological era, the Anthropocene”, in Le Monde, January 14, 2011) 


    The Anthropocene would correspond to the moment when man became the massively determining factor in the geological evolution of the planet. A living species, ours, is breaking the age-old balance in an accelerated fashion, including by threatening its own survival. — (Catherine Portevin, “The Anthropocene”, in Philosophie Magazine, October 5, 2012)

    Popularized by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Paul Crutzen in 1995, the word anthropocene refers to the period that began when human activities left their mark on the entire planet. The Earth, it is understood, has entered a new geological period, marked by the irreversible imprint of humanity on the planet - the Anthropocene, therefore, literally “the age of man”. — (Guillaume Lachenal, “Here lies the anthropocene”, in Liberation, November 13, 2019)

    The second era chosen is the one that follows the first one chronologically. The age of man, the era of man, as we will call it here, has therefore lasted since humanity left its irreversible imprint on the planet. But that era is coming to an end. Not because man disappears, but because man changes, so we are entering what was called The New Era. Ours, meanwhile, the one we know, in which we evolve, the one that broke away from the Holocene, will henceforth be called the old era.

What does Desacralisation mean exactly ?


Man's Eras what does desacralisation mean exactly?

           My new WIP is a science fiction cyberpunk story taking place in the future in a year not revealed on purpose as it invites the reader to guess how many years have passed between today's society and that future society. 

           The main purpose is for the reader to guess that we aren't that far from that new era as that period of time is called by its contemporaneous people. 

            Not to spoil but the main difference between what the world citizens at that time call The New Era and the Ancient Era (Ancient era starting with the first homo genre recognized as human to the first man who was conceived, was born and grew up in a raising farm) is that many things like human life, birth, reproduction, childhood, family, human death, body, health are not untouchable, they are not sacred anymore) So now instead all of these became just some products, items to add in a cart, rent, sell, bargain for. 

              Of course you will find out why society of the new era is so different than society now and what has been causing one to become another, by reading the book but I wanted to write this article to make a point on what exactly is and mean to desacralise things.        


              Of course our modern societies desacralized sex and human relationships, pornography we constantly see everywhere desacralize sex between two people, dating apps desacralise our relationship to the others and marital status, of course divorces desacralised the institution of marriage, and all of those of course occured duting the past 100 years.     Of course being a single parent or surrogacy desacralised birth and maybe all of these things are great as they offer opportunities and freedom to people who would not have had some chances or some opportunities. 

              But let's think about all of this for a moment where do barriers fall? Are there still any? What about when we desacralise a woman, a man or a child's body? What about when we desacralise a woman, a man or a child's life? What about when we desacralise a woman, a man or a child's death? 


                 I soon welcome you to enter the vision of our darkest possible future where no one has barriers anymore where everything is touchable, everything is for sale. 

                    Soon to be published : Man's Eras a cyberpunk novel by Jessica Lorenzi Conti. 

             And hopefully you'll have nightmares, deep thoughts and an opinion about it. 

                             For anyone reading this if you are interested in getting a free manuscript to read before anyone else, just get in touch on Twitter I'll be happy to get your thoughts. 


Teaching resources : Free Lesson plans and reading sheets now available for teachers


Teaching resources : Free lesson plans and reading sheets

        I made lesson plans and reading sheets for teachers to download in English, French and Spanish.

For students from 8th to 12th grades : the New Vision book series : a lesson plan and a reading sheet for each of the 10 volumes with topics like inclusion, history, social and cultural inequalities, philosophy and of course literature and basic reading comprehension sheets. 

For children from 4th to 8th grades : my Young adult books :  a lesson plan and a reading sheet for each of the books with topics like inclusion, history, social and cultural inequalities, philosophy and of course literature and basic reading comprehension sheets. 

For children ages 3 to 9 : my children book series "Learn and play with the Bumbuzz" you can download free material like games and coloring pages. 

  You can all download everything right here>

Learn and play with the Bumbuzz : Bumbuzzland last books published


Learn and play with the Bumbuzz children book series

      After Halloween with Bumbuzzboon, you'll get the chance to meet Bumbuzzix and of course discover Bumbuzzland with "Learn and play with the Bumbuzz- Welcome to Bumbuzzland".

For up-to-date information about the children book series "Learn and play with the Bumbuzz" you can go onto 

Here are the series last books :

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New Vision series Bible : the complete guide to understand the dystopian - alternate history science fiction saga


New Vision series Bible : the complete guide to understand the dystopian - alternate history science fiction saga

                Because New Vision book series needed a guide, because you still may wonder what is this weird

title order or what actually is the message behind these 10 volumes of hard science fiction / dystopian alternate history ?

Just because you did not have enough of it or maybe you still have some questions that are left unanswered?

Available in English, Spanish and French, New Vision Bible will help you answering any of your questions or guide you before, during and after your read.  

Dystopia Versus Utopia in the New Vision book series


Utopia & Dystopia in New Vision book series

       Why a world in peace where everyone finds his place, everyone is accepted the way he is and there is no chaos, no war, no hate and no crime, why is an ideal world, an ideal society, an ideal civilization called a UTOPIA? Why the Atlantis could actually not have been...and is just a myth? Why a society, a civilization could actually not be ideal? I'm not the one saying this, I do not make up anything about this, but try, try to read and find out what people actually already decided, people decided that imagining a perfect world, a perfect society is a UTOPIA and if you look up at a utopia definition you find that is is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. HUMANS REFUSE TO BELIEVE THINGS CAN BE PERFECT, THEY RAISE CHILDREN, THEY TEACH THE YOUNG ONES THAT NOTHING CAN EVER BE PERFECT, a UTOPIA is a DREAM something that WILL NEVER EXIST, HUMANS TEACH THEIR CHILDREN THAT DREAMS ARE WRONG AND THEY DON'T COME TRUE. But what if humans were suddenly deciding perfect is better than good, perfect is a goal, perfect is something to achieve? Would our world, our society change? 

DYSTOPIA : the opposite of UTOPIA a chaotic society where everything goes wrong and nothing is perfect, everything is ruined, broken : PEOPLE BELIEVE IN THAT! They are scared about that because they know that's what's expecting them one day! The Abrahamic scriptures tell them that it once was and people have been punished, the Abrahamic scriptures try to warn them and people live fearing dystopia, but people are asleep because they are the only ones responsible of living in that dystopia they actually already are living in, you don't need Abrahamic scriptures to warn you people, you just need to face the world, think with your brain and understand UTOPIA is not a dream, UTOPIA is not an imagined perfect civilization, UTOPIA must be what you wish for, it must be what you are willing to do with your society, your civilization, your world, all make it work. THIS is what New Vision members thought in 2080 and this is what they succeed to give life to : a perfect world because they believed in it. My dad always told me that if I target the top of the mountain I might not get to the top of the mountain but I will get higher and further 
than the one person who does not target the top of the mountain because he believes he can't get to it. 

WE GROW UP THINKING PERFECT DOES NOT EXIST and we have to satisfy with good, the problem is that thinking this way, we do not even get good, we get bad. UTOPIA is not an imaginary perfect society for NEW VISION, UTOPIA is where they want to be and they succeed. Dystopia is not a fear because of Abrahamic scriptures for NEW VISION members dystopia is what they are currently living and all along the 10 volumes the reader finds out what element of our human history gets us closer to utopia or closer to dystopia...Wrong and bad and right and good, chaos or order, hate or tolerance, war or peace, New Vision members chose, will you make the same choice... Start reading New Vision book series with volume 1 "7 parallels".    

Find topics like this one in New Vision Bible : the complete guide to the New Vision science fiction book series available for free on Kindle on October 1St 2022. 

Why New Vision book series volumes order is going backward from 10 to 1?


               Maybe you've been wondering why New Vision volumes go backward

Here is the explanation.  First of all the volume where everything started needed to be called 

"10 plagues" and as the last volume needed to be called "1 end" it was obvious it was better to do a backward order, but don't worry things evolve in chronological order, you do not read backward!

I also wanted to title backward the volumes to add an element of stress, like a timer 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and supposedly after 1 comes zero, nothingness. 

It was important for me that readers feel the emergency in the series because it is again a reference on how fast we must act, the emergency there is to take care of our planet and our humanity in need of solutions and relief to all of this violence, pollution, crime, inequalities, unfairness...

So when you read the New Vision book series think that once you are done, there are many things out there needing you to act, maybe change, so that tomorrow looks like the tomorrow you'd like to live in...

I don't advise to read the series in chronological order I advise to read it in the publishing order :


7 parallels : volume 1 read it first.

6 intrusions butterfly defect : volume 2 : read it just right after 7 parallels

5 women : volume 3 : read it after 6 intrusions butterfly defect

10 plagues : Prequel, this is the first volume of the prequel trilogy read it after 5 women.

9 destinies : Prequel, this is the second volume of the prequel trilogy, read it after 10 plagues

8 great minds : Prequel, this is the third volume of the prequel trilogy : read it after 9 destinies

4 enemies :  1st volume of the sequel trilogy, in chronological order happens just right after 5 women. Read it after the prequel trilogy

3 currencies : 2nd volume of the sequel trilogy read it after 4 enemies

2 choices : last volume of the sequel trilogy  read it after 3 currrencies 

1 end : Last volume read it after all the others!! 




                           10 plagues is in chronological order the first volume where everything starts and where you understand why New Vision is going to be created. 

                           9 destinies is in chronological order the second volume where you meet the people who will created New Vision and where they actually create New Vision

                          8 great minds is in chronological order the third volume where New Vision is already established and launches the "8 great minds" project. 


                         7 parallels is in chronological order the fourth volume where New Vision is already established and launches the " 7 parallels" project. 

                         6 intrusions butterfly defect is in chronological order the fifth volume where New Vision is already established and launches the "6 intrusions butterfly defect" project. 

                         5 women  is in chronological order the sixth volume where New Vision launches the " 5 women"  project. 

SEQUEL TRILOGY : (Where publisshing order and Chronological order are finally identical)

                         4 enemies is in chronological order the seventh and is also the 7th volume published where New Vision needs to fight against four groups of enemies trying to prevent New Vision from launching the "7 parallels project", in this book we will come back during the 7 parallels project which may finally....have never taken place... Will New Vision succeed and win the fight against enemies trying to prevent them to save the world? 

                         3 currencies is in chronological order and publishing order the eighth volume where I can absolutely not tell you what is going on otherwise I would spoil the end of 4 enemies. 

                         2 choices is in chronological order and publishing order the ninth volume where I can not tell you what is going on. 

                         1 end   is in chronological order and publishing order the tenth volume where we come to the series conclusion, this volume will be the most philosophical as we will go over the questions that arose during the series and try to link them to the biggest questions of our existence on this planet and in this universe and you will why not find some answers? Or rather some more questions!...


from alternate history to dystopia and time travel through a hard science fiction experience...many science-fiction sub-genres are present in New Vision saga

from alternate history to dystopia and time travel through a hard science fiction experience...many science-fiction sub-genres present in New Vision saga

 Although each of the 10 volume of the New Vision book series are part of science fiction sub-genre qualified as hard science-fiction

Many other science fiction sub-genrse take over along the 10 volumes. Here is some spoilers about how this all blends magnificently together...

Alternate history : This is definitely the science fiction subgenre of "7 parallels", New Vision book series 1st volume.

Of course without forgetting time travel and parallel universes 

Utopia, time travel and parallel universes are the three main sub-genres of New Vision book series 2nd volume "6 intrusions butterfly defect". 

The further we get into the saga, the more parallel universes are created, resulting from the butterfly effects New Vision missions have created.

in New Vision volume 3  "5 women", the two main subgenres are time travel and parallel universes and our heroines will have quite some hard time to deal with it! Our multiverse then grows again at the end of this volume...

From Volume 3 "5 women" we jump into 1st prequel volume from the prequel trilogy "10 plagues" I sincerely have no idea about how to classify 10 plagues, the main idea I had here was to install the apocalyptic vision I have about our present world and analyze where it comes from,... I will not qualify this as alternate history because it is more likely history than any kind of fiction for the main part, you will either hate or love 10 plagues which is sincerely completely different than all the other volumes. It is about how it all started how all of our sufferings got shaped over the history of our civilizations, it is why we are in the shit we are today and why we still have time to act for our future, let's say I qualify this volume of apocalyptic if I give up on human kind and epic heroic if I still trust human kind, you will make your own opinion about this volume.

"9 destinies" which is New Vision volume 5 or if you prefer the prequel volume 2 is part of near future science fiction sub-genre, set from 2030 to 2080 you will find out how New Vision really came to life, it is rebirth, the beginning of the reconstruction of a destructed world...

"8 great minds" remember this is the last volume of the prequel in other words just prior to the 7 parallels project : This is clearly a Dying earth, dystopia, where solutions need to be found for the whole planet and its population. 
"4 enemies" set chronologically just right after 5 women is alternate history / dystopia.

"3 currencies" is a focus on the daily life of the new civilization created by the 7 parallels project butterfly effects and  cyberpunk/ dystopia/ multiverse are the subgenres taking over as this civilization that never knew war or crime is way more adva,ced and masters technologies since the 19th century of their era...

"2 choices" is definitely a multiverse story but something new appears... space exploration and new questions...

and "1 end" finds "unfortunately" the answers to the questions risen in the whole saga...but unfortunately...

The African continent and black history's place in New Vision


Africa and black history's place in New Vision

              New Vision book series is about inspiring about what matters and rising tolerance through looking back at our history and mistakes in the past. In the ideal world the Freemason organization New Vision is trying to build, the African continent has its place as equal to all the others. The World New Vision builds through 7 parallels to 4 enemies is a world where not only the African continent gets to have its share, black people history is one of the most present protagonists within several New Vision volumes. Black history leaders and America's civil rights icons are part of important plots within several volumes of the book series.

New Vision book series has one and only goal and message : having the reader look through history's fails and learn about solutions for the future. 

New Vision's aim is to get the reader thinking he can do more than read, he can do more than think, he can act today at the present moment for tomorrow. Yes, no one is actually able to get back to the past and annihilate events and mistakes but anyone has the ability and the right if not the obligation to look ahead and know how to act for that better future to take place without need of going back and change things, because we can all change things today. 

In medias res and the non-linear narrative techniques in time travel fiction and in New Vision book series


The Iliad Homer

    If you did not read any volume from New Vision book series, you don't know it yet but it is written with a non-linear narrative. 

    The whole saga's plot in itself is non-linear as we meet the organization members in 2121 when they launch the "7 parallels" project and it is only after this first trilogy published that we go back in time to follow chronologically why and how everything started.

    Each volume is written according a writing technique called in medias res, medias res is a latin phrase meaning “in the midst of things.” It’s used as a literary term to describe when a story opens with the character already in the middle of things—whether it’s a high octane car chase or a group of friends’ discovery of a dead body, this narrative technique captures the audience’s attention, bringing them front and center into the fray.

 A non-linear narrative is a narrative technique in which the storyline is told out of chronological order. That can take many forms: by using flashforwards, flashbacks, dream sequences, or foreshadowing, non-linear plotlines can mimic the recall of human memory, or weave in fantastical elements like time travel or clairvoyance.

    Non-linear storytelling goes as far back as the fifth century, with flashbacks peppering the timeline of the Indian epic, the Mahabharata, which tells of two clashing groups of cousins. Homer’s Iliad used a technique called in medias res, where the story starts at its mid-point :

      Some writers craft the opening scenes of their literary worlds with flowery, descriptive language—powerful sensory adjectives that detail the environment and set up where the story takes place. Other writers prefer to drop the reader right into the middle of the action, letting the physical aspects of the world unfold as the beginning of the story progresses. 

    The non-linear is still going strong in the twenty-first century: here are a few new and noteworthy examples.

    1. Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse follows a family’s visit to the Isle of Skye over a ten-year period. Featuring no dialogue and almost no action, the novel unfolds in thoughts, observations, and childhood memories reflected against the present moment.

    2. In William Faulkner’s The Sound and The Fury, the narrative is pieced together by separate members of a fractured aristocratic family. Each section jumps forward and back in time, covering the events whose ripples have led to the present fate of the family.

    3. Kurt Vonnegut, whose book Slaughterhouse-Five utilizes flashback and time travel to illustrate the life of American soldier Billy Pilgrim.

    4. Science-fiction writer Ted Chiang’s first-person short story, Story of Your Life (which was later made into the film Arrival) examines the existence of free will in the face of the inevitable. Told from the point of view of a Louise, a linguist who learns an alien language that allows her to view her future and comprehend time in a nonlinear way, the story opens with the birth of her daughter; the reader only learns later that she knew the child would die young and still chose to fulfill that destiny.

    5. In Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler's Wife, protagonist Henry De Tamble lives with a genetic disorder that forces him to sporadically travel through time with no warning. He falls in love with an artist (who lives an ordinary life on a standard linear timeline) and continues to jump in and out of moments in his own life, sometimes with dangerous consequences.

    The 4 Advantages of Using a Non-Linear Narrative

    Non-linearity as a narrative structure might be a challenge to pull off—the order in which everything is presented must still be logical, if not chronological—but when done well, it allows a more nuanced, masterful story to emerge.1. Intrigue. By disorienting the reader, a nonlinear structure creates a puzzle that requires more engagement with the individual pieces of the story. Cause and effect cease to be predictable or immediately visible, allowing the reader to curate their own logic. When a novel opens with a murder, the series of events that follow carry greater weight and add to the anticipation of the final (known) outcome. When the reader knows more about a character’s fate than they do, opportunities also arise for moments of irony, be they tragic or comic.

    2. Worldbuilding. Not only can you use a non-linear structure to incorporate different time periods into your story, taking a momentarily different point of view can give the reader more insight into other aspects of the setting—think subplots unfolding on the other side of the world that will eventually become meaningful, or perhaps historical events that come to bear on the lives of your characters.

    3. Depth of character. The more the reader learns of your main character’s backstory, the better they understand the choices they make throughout the narrative. Instead of simply telling the reader your character is an orphan, send them back to the moment they became one. Those experiences stay with the reader as they continue through the story.

    4. Flow. Nonlinear storytelling moves your narrative form into something closer to art. While humans might be instinctively drawn to the neatness of chronological order, they are enchanted by the complex. Interchanging the main plot with a non-linear plot allows you to capture more of what it means to be human, and then some: giving shape to all the connections that bind a group of people together, though they themselves remain blind to it.

Enlightenment and Freemasonry tenets Versus FASCISM at the dawn of our future


Enlightenment and Freemasonry tenets versus fascism in the New Vision book series

    More than ever today, it is important to remember what authoritarian regimes led to but more than ever, it is important today to remember what led to authoritarian regimes. 

New Vision book series exist to remind us all about our errors of the past and to warn us about mistakes not to make again. 

Today more than ever we are about to lose what enlightenment philosophers tried to instill in society. 

In New Vision book series, the Freemason organization New Vision is striving to have enlightenment tenets succeed and being the one and only truth in our present world led by greedy politicians. 

New Vision book series offer you the opportunity of thinking beyond what news and media give us to think about, New Vision book series invites the reader to think about what our current governments are trying to do to have us bow down, to have us forget enlightenment values, to raise us against each others and to instill chaos in our minds and in our lives in order to control us more than ever and to make profits. 

As Immanuel Kant says it so well : "Enlightenment is man's leaving his self-caused immaturity. Immaturity is the incapacity to use one's intelligence without the guidance of another. Such immaturity is self-caused if it is not caused by lack of intelligence, but by lack of determination and courage to use one's intelligence without being guided by another. Sapere Aude! [Dare to know!] Have the courage to use your own intelligence is therefore the motto of the enlightenment." Let's all dare to know today. 

  Start reading New Vision book series today with the 1st volume "New Vision 7 parallels", 

Means of travel in Time Travel fictions and in New Vision book series


time travel

The concept of time travel by mechanical means was popularized in H. G. Wells' 1895 story, The Time Machine.  Since that time travel fiction, many have been created and the means used to travel through time are not always mechanical, here is a few examples I chose to go through and of course I also talk about the means of travel used to travel through time and space in New Vision book series. 

In many stories of the genre the character who travels through time can also travel through space, finding himself into a different location than the one he left, this is the case for the TARDIS  (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) in Doctor Who TV series as the TARDIS not only travels through time but also space but it is not the case in Back to the Future where the DeLorean arrives exactly where it left. 

     In New Vision book series the means used to travel through time is a Lorentz wormhole and the individual transfer platform which generates the passage is used by the time traveler. In New Vision book series each platform corresponds to a location and it is thanks to the programmation of a spatio-temporal transfer key that the traveler is set to travel according to the geolocation and chronolocation data programmed on his key. A traveler can't get to a location where a physical transfer platform has not been placed. But for the chronolocation data, the physical platform can have been placed in any year, the platform will exist in all other realities and those platforms from platform to platform is the passage. 

     In many other stories of the genre where no mechanical means are involved we find just a passage to another dimension appearing in our reality, this is the case for 11.22.63 from Stephen King 

       Through all the examples we can find out there we also find psychological abilities like in the movie "The butterfly effect" where the main character has the psychological ability to transport himself into another dimension. We can also find that model in the TV series Heroes where Hiro Nakamura has the power to travel through space and time only thanks to his mental abilities. 


      Of course if we want to take many more examples where we are getting away from New Vision book series hard science fiction or even from science fiction we can also find comedies where we travel through time with the most creative techniques like in the movie The click where it is a remote control who sets the current time, a phone booth in Bill & Ted movies, a photobooth, a hot tub, even a fridge was initially planned in the very first script of Back to the Future. In the franchise, the DeLorean time machine is made out of a retrofitted DMC DeLorean car with a ‘flux capacitor’ needing 1.21 gigawatts of power and a speed of 88 miles per hour to capacitate time travel. However, in the original script, written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, the DeLorean was not found inside of a car, rather a fridge. The flux capacitator – the key component for time travel – was absent from the original script. Instead, the time machine was a “power converter” devised from a laser device and kept inside a refrigerator, which was loaded into a truck before being driven into a nuclear blast, which would initiate time travel.

The rather complicated process, which would involve Marty climbing into the fridge in order to survive the nuclear blast and transport to another place in time, was simplified by scrapping this idea and placing the device in the now-iconic DeLorean car. The image of Marty stepping out of the spaceship-like doors of the DeLorean fit the film’s sci-fi genre way better than the household image of a fridge. 

If you like time travel and not through a fridge, a hot tub or a phonebooth you will like New Vision book series, start reading volume 1 "7 parallels" today, it is available in ebooks and paerback in English and French, soon in Spanish on Amazon>


Time travel in dystopian fiction


      What better than a dystopia to make the reader, the spectator understanding the chaos of the situation? What better than a dystopia to involve the reader, the spectator and immerse him completely into the situation of destruction, violence and ruins of civilization, nil of society where he needs to decipher the codes of a solution?

    And what better than time travel to get the solution, to investigate and to decipher the codes of the problem to its origins? Or maybe like in the Terminator franchise or the Tomorrow war to fix the problem?

New Vision book series investigates, invites the reader to decipher the codes and takes action in the past to act on the dystopian future that is soon to be ours...

     The Terminator franchise, Edge of tomorrow, The Tomorrow War and Terry Gilliam's 12 monkeys are  movies you could describe as Time travel movies as Time travel is an important part of the plot. But it is not the only common point about these three movies as all are set in a dystopia. All of them treat the topic of the end of humanity and investigate and fight what caused its lost. 

     Of course New Vision book series has the exact same common thread : Humanity and the planet at stake and the tool used to investigate and fight that thread is Time Travel

    If in Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys time travel is mainly used to investigate on the dystopian situation the world is currently living in 2035, in The tomorrow war, Terminator and Edge of tomorrow the solution to fight the threat is found in time travel. 

The Terminator franchise uses time travel as a mean to fight the scourge at its origins and counts on the Butterfly effects to fix the chaotic, dystopian future this is exactly like New Vision book series as in 7 parallels, it is he origins of each event who created our present chaotic dystopian world that the 7 parallels project targets. 

The Tomorrow war recruits fighters in the past to go fight in the dystopian future in order to fix that dystopian future and Edge of Tomorrow has its fighters use time travel as a weapon as they use it to learn from their mistakes and act differently on the exact same action priorly failed. 

New Vision book series does each of the actions that are done in those 5 movies : New Vision like 12 monkeys investigates on a solution by traveling in the past and , like Terminator, they find a solution by interfering in the past. They count on the Butterfly effects of their actions in the past in order to establish the future they want to see, the solutioned future. New Vision like Edge of Tomorrow envisions not to fail because possibilities of trying to make things right are infinite thanks to time travel used as a tool. And finally New Vision like The tomorrow war recruits his brilliant members who will be brainstorming on the 7 parallels project and who will be the judges of the butterfly effects in our splendid past civilization and ont in the fallen one of course. 

                                             If you are a fan of one of these movies, you will love New Vision book series, so start reading New Vision book series with volume 1 : "New Vision - 7 parallels". 

Particles annihilation in time travel fiction and in New Vision book series


time travel particles annihilation

When we treat about time travel we can of course have no certitudes about anything we make up in fiction! Everything could be right or wong but even though that's the case, science fiction writers have over time developed some codes. Just like in any fictional topic, time travel has its dos and donts its favorite paths and plots and today in this article I will talk about particles annihilation.

So what's that? We are not aftually talking about the particles physics process where particles annihilation is the process that occurs when a subatomic particle collides with its respective antiparticle to produce other particles, such as an electron colliding with a positron to produce two photons. The total energy and momentum of the initial pair are conserved in the process and distributed among a set of other particles in the final state. Antiparticles have exactly opposite additive quantum numbers from particles, so the sums of all quantum numbers of such an original pair are zero. Hence, any set of particles may be produced whose total quantum numbers are also zero as long as conservation of energy and conservation of momentum are obeyed

During a low-energy annihilation, photon production is favored, since these particles have no mass. High-energy particle colliders produce annihilations where a wide variety of exotic heavy particles are created.

The word "annihilation" takes use informally for the interaction of two particles that are not mutual antiparticles – not charge conjugate. Some quantum numbers may then not sum to zero in the initial state, but conserve with the same totals in the final state. An example is the "annihilation" of a high-energy electron antineutrino with an electron to produce a W−
If the annihilating particles are composite, such as mesons or baryons, then several different particles are typically produced in the final state.

No we are not actually talking about this but we are definitely talking about particles annihlation in the snese that they disappear, they cease to exist. 

In time travel fiction we typically encounter that kind of event when for example in Back to the Future an event occured preventing our existence. Still in Back to the Future Marty's parents not dating will prevent his birth and existence so the existence of Marty in any dimension is at stake. 

Many different fictions treating about time travel choose to make this an important part of the plot or not, it is the case of Back to the Future that has its whole plot around this and some episodes of Doctor Who TV series also used it and of course this is also part of the main plot of the Terminator franchise. If you have ideas about other movies or books where particles annihilation is an important part of the plot then don't hesitate to comment below this article!

In the New Vision book series, when experiment are ran afyer time travel is mastered you can notice the tests the spatio-temporal department is running about particles annihilation in "7 parallels".

                     Here is the "7 parallels" extract : 

Saturday August 9th, 2111, Hawthorne, California former territory of the United States, North America, premises of New Vision, formerly owned by SpaceX.

Experiment n°56: Experiment aiming to know the possibilities of annihilation of the existence of particles. The test is carried out on an object and on a living being.

Live test: Description of the experiment: Mating of two rabbits to obtain a litter of young rabbits. These rabbits will then be manipulated for time travel and the butterfly effect will thus be tested on their continued existence or not.

Beginning of the experiment: Mating of the male rabbit and the female rabbit carried out on Saturday June 20, 2111. Result: successful fertilization of the female, the female gives birth on Monday July 27, 2111 to six young rabbits, two white, one black, one brown , a black-spotted white and a brown-spotted white.

Today Saturday August 9th: A member of the research center takes the brown-spotted white rabbit with him into an individual transfer platform, they go to the past, the day when the mating of his parents is planned, therefore, Saturday, June 20th, 2111.

In reality A where the parents mate, the member of the research center will make a modification. Reality A will therefore be altered, the mating of the rabbits will not take place, in order to observe the consequences on the lives of the rabbits existing in reality A. The researcher therefore prevents the coupling and returns with the rabbit on Saturday August 9th, 2111, which this time becomes the second reality. Arriving in reality bis, on Saturday August 9th, 2111, the researcher notes that the white rabbit with brown spots, taken with him, is in good health and is not affected by the alteration of reality A. On the other hand, all the rest of the scope is non-existent. We can therefore conclude: A living being traveling in a reality other than the altered reality, does not suffer annihilation or any damage if it left reality A before its alteration.

Test on object: Description of the experiment: Thursday, August 5th, 2111 A member of the New Vision research center paints a picture on a canvas of 60cm X 40 cm. Then, the same day, he painted another on a 60cm X 90cm painting.

Today August 9th, 2111, he takes with him in the individual transfer platform the canvas of 60cm X 40 cm. He goes, with the canvas therefore, in the past on Thursday August 5 before he paints the two paintings, there, instead of painting them, he tears the two canvases in order to make them unusable. He thus creates a second reality where his action of painting in reality A is altered, prevented.

This action thus creates a second reality where the paintings are torn and not painted. Our researcher still has the 60 cm by 40 cm canvas that he had painted in reality A and that he took with him to reality bis. The researcher and the canvas return to the individual transfer platform to return to their present, therefore August 9th, 2111. The researcher observes the two canvases, which are not painted but torn, while the one he took away and which he still holds in his hand is painted and has not been touched by the alteration of reality A.

We can therefore conclude: an object traveling in a reality other than the altered reality does not suffer annihilation or any damage if it left reality A before its alteration. The conclusion of this experiment is that both living and object react in the same way to the alteration of their reality."

From New Vision - 7 parallels

in New Vision book series, I chose to not make particles annihilation a problem if the subject concerned left his own reality. You will notice that this will be important for New Vision members like Bobby Hutton as he succeeds on the mission to annihilate triangular trade and slavery from the people of the African continent as when he gets back to Oakland California, nothing is ever like before for him as descendant of African slaves that actually in this new reality never got onto the American continent, he would cease to exist if New Vision had followed Back to the Future's take on this. But instead as Bobby Hutton recruited by Martin Talyor to leave on the 7 parallels mission as he was away from his reality which is reality A, never got impacted by the butterfly effect of the 7 parallels project.

Find out more examples of particles annihilation that did or did not occur within the whole New Vision book series saga by strating to read volume 1 "New Vision 7 parallels" available in English, French and soon Spanish in ebooks and paperback on Amazon>

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