Open letter to mister Stephen King

This is an open letter to mister Stephen King who's novel 11/22/63 , ISBN 978-1-4516-2728-2, published on November 8th 2011 inspired me to write New Vision 7 parallels (New Vision #1) ISBN 979 - 8428495874 published on March 6th 2022.

As Stephen king says it in here
"If you can go back in time and change that, what else would change?"

This is exactely what rose intellectual excitement in me just like in Stephen King : the butterfly effect of anything that politically historically would have happened differently in our humanity's history. 

Since that day of 2012 when I finished reading this Stephen King's novel I thought "I can do better than that". Don't get me wrong, of course this is a great novel, one of my favorite books but as a former history student I was a bit disappointed that Stephen King chose to depict America this way after two John Fitzgerald Kennedy presidential mandates. I wasn't quite convinced that this could have happened this way. 
To remind you what happens when Jake Epping prevents Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate John Kennedy, here it is : After its mandate Kennedy is reelected and then George Wallace succeeds to him as president.

In the new 2011 version, the one that got altered by the butterfly effect of the non killing of Kennedy, Lisbon Falls has now become part of Canada and is in ruins, partially because Vermont Yankee "went China Syndrome" in 1999, spreading radiation across New England and southern Quebec. Furthermore, there continue to be frequent, massive earthquakes everywhere due to the interference in history.
 John F. Kennedy went on to narrowly win a second term in the 1964 presidential election against Barry Goldwater, but was unable to bring about the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as Lyndon B. Johnson had. 

This led to increased racial tensions and riots in the U.S., especially after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (in Chicago by FBI Agent Dwight Holly in this timeline). Kennedy also refused to commit to action in Vietnam outside of stationing U.S. soldiers in Saigon, but his successor, George Wallace, reversed this course and used nuclear weapons on Hanoi in response to the fall of Saigon in 1967. 

This and other incidents led to more instability all over the world, including frequent use of nuclear weapons by terrorists and a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan in the early 1970s. The Soviet Union experiences a total financial collapse in the early 1980s. In the alternative 2011 Hillary Clinton is now president, after her husband Bill Clinton died of a heart attack before the 2004 presidential election."

As a former history student there Mister Stephen King I say : No, no,no,no no way. Sure that wouldn't have happened that way. And there you go. 

Stephen king declared to Alexandra Alter for her Wall Street Journal article "Stephen King's new monster" on October 28th 2011 :   "I've never tried to write anything like this before. It was really strange at first, like breaking in a new pair of shoes."  Indeed, in that sma article Stephen King explains
 that he and longtime researcher Russ Dorr prepared for the novel by reading many historical documents and newspaper archives from the period, looking at clothing and appliance ads, sports scores, and television listings. 

I don't think Stephen King did this right. He's great at putting supernatural events getting in the way  and then preventing his heroes from carrying out their plans, but in my opinion, that pseudo historical analysis of what could have happened to the United States and the world, for me was too fake. 

Then from that day I kept thinking : WHAT? That wouldn't be the non killing of Kennedy that would bring us a better world, but what if? What if there was exactly an event we could annihilate from our history to get a better world, be better humans? 

This is the exact thing that inspired me for 7 parallels, those things that are wrong in our society today, our selfishness, the planet's pollution, the inequities .What are the events that triggered those things? 
Then I started thinking as an historian again, as a specialist of human behavior and cognitive psychologist I am and I found out, it was impossible to annihilate one event from our humanity history and get a great result.  

So it took me exactly 9 years to find out 7 parallels would be a story where heroes do everything the freemasons could not succed at and with the heritage of those  enlightement ideas and their mastering of technologies they would annihilate events from our humanity history that made us turn to shit. 

Anyway, dear Mister Stephen King, I thank you for having inspired me to create the New Vision saga and have people think about what they can do better today because in reality they won't have the chance of going to the past to rewrite our history. 

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