What if by having an eye on what's ahead of us, Science fiction could help us solve problems today ?


New Vision science fiction saga

Fiction always has this ability to take us where we cannot go, to allow us to achieve and obtain things that we would like to obtain or see happening in reality. Science fiction, on the other hand, has this privilege to depict our aspirations beyond what would be conceivable in a simple fiction.

What if science fiction did not only have this role of taking us elsewhere, far, beyond reality? If science fiction had a much more important role like that of placing us in a place that is not yet where we are but which could very quickly become so and make us think as if we were already there? I think that in addition to allowing us to escape, science fiction is there to warn us sometimes, to remind us where our place is and what our role is. With this science fiction novel you will escape, you will travel far, very far but you will quickly realize that very far is here and it is now.



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