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New Vision is a book serie in the science fiction genre. Yes, science fiction because the organization New Vison masters time travel. But New Vision, the organization, what it is and why it exists is linked to political reasons and those political reasons are not made up from a fantasy world, they are present in our everyday life. From decisions belonging to the Medicis family to initiative taken by the Habsbourg, the Kingdom of England, Kingdom of France or the Vatican to actions by the United States of America government or islamists groups, many of these decisions led to the creation of New Vision and decisions taken by the Gafam.

You can then understand that what led to the creation of the Freemason organization New Vision are real events and are political events, we can then define the New Vision book serie as a political science fiction genre.

Of course what inspired me to create New Vision’s universe is 11.22.63 from Stephen KIng where the author involves real political facts within the fiction.

I wanted to go further than Stephen King, I wanted to go further than just suggesting, I wanted to come up with more than a science fiction book, I wanted to come up with a visionary book.

And I wondered, what other story, what other book or movie or whatever else has a similar genre and a similar goal which is to awake people. And then I thought about Doctor Who.

Yes, in Doctor Who the future we face as humans is all of us becoming cybermen.

I’m sure this is an alarm from Doctor Who’s writers :

It is something saying : because the way we are living all willing to consume the same things, all obeying to orders without thinking about what they mean, all living same things, thinking same things, all being enslaved by a society’s codes just willing to use us as empty headed workers to fulfill its consummation factory needs, we will all turn into cybermen.

So yes, in Doctor Who, the Master is the enemy trying to establish that new world order of cybermen and the Doctor is the savior. In New Vision, the freemason organization New Vision is the good guy trying to save us from those evil governments. But so far you ignore who is our real enemy, governments yes, but there is more than that, there is more to it.

You will identify our common enemy within the first volume of the prequel trilogy “10 plagues” to be out in a few weeks.

In 7 parallels, New Vision volume 1, you already identified what New Vision tries to improve and how it saves our civilization. But in 10 plagues you will learn who the enemy is, who’s that entity that, for centuries, tried to restrain defenders of free thinking and freedom of speech, who we have been fighting for centuries.

10 plagues, which is volume 4 of New Vision will then be more of an historical fiction and a political fiction than a science fiction volume but it is a necessary novel as it sets the situation and reveals who we have been fighting, we are fighting and we need to fight to not become cybermen.


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