New Vision book series publishing order VS chronological order


           New Vision book series is a 10 volume saga 

  In publishing order you will be able to read the story in this order :

The first trilogy 2121 - 2123

7 parallels : 

Story starts in 2121 when New Vision the global Freemason organization holds all powers on the planet after G20 leaders have been comdemned for genocide. 2121 for New Vision is the year where 7 parallels the time travel project of spatio-temporal departement 's chief Kazuhiko Ken takes place. 

7 parallels will send 12 New Vision members in mission into different eras in the past in order to annihilate 6 distinct events from humanity's history that led to humanity and the planet's decline as it is the case in 2121. 

6 intrusions butterfly defect : 

Story starts in 2122 just right after 7 parallels project, this project will have to rectify changes brought by 7 paralles butterfly effect as in the new tolerant and peaceful society emerged from 7 parallels not any form of art exist. Therefore, New Vision who has still access to reality A through the Atrium, a spaceship with multidimensional doors through negative mass wormholes will go recruit artists from reality A passed and ruined civilization to send them to reality nonies brand new peaceful and tolerant civilization to reintroduce artistic sensibility into this civilization who, only knowing harmony with its environment, did not develop any need for escaping reatlity, thus no need for art. 

5 women : 

Story starts in 2122 just right after 7 parallels and 6 intrusions butterfly defect projetcs. As peaceful, tolerant, egalitarian and prosperous new civilization from the nonies reality has been endangered by the last mission into reality A, the spatio-temporal department decides to close access to that reality.  But it is without counting on several members from New Vision who, at the time of New Vision time travel mastery had insisted on rectifying some events about gender equity into reality A. It is then accepted and voted that the last project involving reality A will take place and that the projet 5 women starts. 

The prequel trilogy 1090- 2080

10 plagues : 

Story starts in the middle age within the different political powers in place and everything populations had to go through and endure because of these political powers in place, everything gets to the birth of the first Freemason lodge and from there to the creation of New Vision. 

9 destinies : 

Story starts in the year 2000 with the different families and ancestors of the nine people who will create New Vision and take it to what it is in 2121 and the first trilogy. 

8 great minds : 

Story starts in 2105 with the mastery of time travel by New Vision, in 2108, Kazuhiko Ken will propose the projet great minds. This project aims to go recruit and question the greatest minds of our humanity history in order to have them as part of New Vision board. 

The sequel trilogy 2121 - 2130

4 enemies : 

Story starts in 2123 when someone from the historical archives department notices something wrong going on into nonies reality...

3 currencies: 

In this volume we find out how the civilization issued from the 7 parallels project's butterfly effects evolves from that point where reality took another path if you read 7 parallels you know the date if you did not yet, you'll find out

2  choices : 

Takes place chronologically after a project New Vision launches in 3 currencies, in this volume it is also time for the reality A recruits to make a decision about either staying in a perfect world with a perfect society or getting back in their initial reality to get back to their life with their loved ones it will be a big decision for most of the great scientists who joined New Vision ranks but also for Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, Louise Michel and Martin Luther King Jr

The end of everything 

1 end : 

The end of the saga, the end of humanity... no, not the end of the universe, as it has no end no begining. 
What? A big bang? the begining of the universe? You are kidding me right? You will find out in 1 end that many questions about the universe...unfortunately...find an answer, you will soon understand why I say unfortunately...


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