200 or 400 pages 80000 words or 200000 words? Else? Less? More? What is the appropriate length for a science fiction novel ?


What is the appropriate length for a novel

As a writer you always wonder what your readers would prefer, but anyway in the end what matters is telling the story you need to tell.

New Vision is a 10 volume book series. Before starting to write it I already knew I would need ten distinct volumes to tell the story the way I wanted it to be told.

10 volumes allow sections, we are clearly reading s story belonging to the same universe but we read 10 different stories with New Vision 10 volumes.

Dividing those stories in 10 different volumes was then making sense.

One book for all of that content would definitely have been too long.

The first trilogy 7 parallels, 6 intrusions butterfly defect and 5 women cover 3 stories about the heroes. 7 parallels is a bigger book than 6 intrusions butterfly defect and than 5 women,

In 7 parallels the story, universe and characters needed to be introduced so it makes it longer.

In the second trilogy 10 plagues, 9 destinies and 8 great minds, 10 plagues is definitely bigger than the other ones. Certainly for the same reasons 7 parallels is bigger in the initial trilogy, in the prequel trilogy 10 plagues has to set many informations for readers to understand the prequel trilogy so it is bigger than the other books in the prequel trilogy. 

Writing this book series I had in mind that my readers don't want to read 10 volumes or 400 pages each, that would have been I think a bit too heavy and for those who like to read a lot, well then read two books instead of one! 

 Athough the last trilogy and final volume are not written yet, we can think things will be similar making 4 enemies bigger than 3 currencies and 2 choices. 1 end is still to define, maybe as it is the last New Vision volume it will be the biggest, I haven't decided yet, you will just have to be patient and wait and see. 



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