The messiah complex Versus real saviors : Who is a crazy person and who is a succesful peace leader ?

    The messiah complex :  What is this other lie society tries to have us assimilate?
          A person willing to help others would be a crazy person! If you know me as a writer and you already read some volumes of the New Vision  science fiction dystopian series you know that I never take any information for truth unless I think it and rethink it. You know that I do not believe things because society wants me to or because people say so. As a teacher, human development psychology, cognitive science and education specialist , this is the behavior I expect from either my students or readers. Never consider any information as truth unless you thought it and proved it to be true. 

        You know how I think this society we all live in tries to constantly crush us to be able to control our souls. This society isn't in any need of peace leaders and fighters. Jesus crucified, Martin Luther King murdered, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi jailed should always teach us that this society is against us and want us to shut and sleep. Don't ever let you tell that you are crazy or megalomaniac because you have big dreams, don't ever let you tell that you have a messiah complex because YOU believe that YOU can contribute to this society. Because YES YOU CAN help, YES YOU CAN contribute to this society from the smallest thing as smiling to your neighbor as was saying Mother Teresa to the biggest things as fighting for your community's rights as Nelson Mandela, Gandhi or Martin Luther King Junior. Raising against injustices and inequalities does not make you a crazy person with a messiah complex, it makes you a smart, strong and amazing person. 

          Of course I wanted to talk about this topic because I fought all my life against inequalities and for tolerance and peace, as a teacher, as a cognitive science and human development specialist but also as a humanitarian aid worker, and today more than ever as a writer. 

                   But I also wanted to cover this topic because this topic is present in all of my writing works, in the New Vision book series of course where all heroes strive to give their best to be successful at creating a world in peace and harmony through time travel, politics and philosophy. But also in the children series Bumbuzzland where in the Bumbuzz galaxy that planet and its inhabitants the Bumbuzz only know peace and the wonder and harmony of diversity. 

                If you are a parent or a teacher, I invite you to discover the Bumbuzzland series and if you are a person in need of a fresh peace and tolerance message but also somehow have some revolutionary instincts and dream of a world without our horrible evil leaders where place would be done for empathy and tolerance values then you will love to discover the New Vision book series>        


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