Why New Vision book series volumes order is going backward from 10 to 1?


               Maybe you've been wondering why New Vision volumes go backward

Here is the explanation.  First of all the volume where everything started needed to be called 

"10 plagues" and as the last volume needed to be called "1 end" it was obvious it was better to do a backward order, but don't worry things evolve in chronological order, you do not read backward!

I also wanted to title backward the volumes to add an element of stress, like a timer 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and supposedly after 1 comes zero, nothingness. 

It was important for me that readers feel the emergency in the series because it is again a reference on how fast we must act, the emergency there is to take care of our planet and our humanity in need of solutions and relief to all of this violence, pollution, crime, inequalities, unfairness...

So when you read the New Vision book series think that once you are done, there are many things out there needing you to act, maybe change, so that tomorrow looks like the tomorrow you'd like to live in...

I don't advise to read the series in chronological order I advise to read it in the publishing order :


7 parallels : volume 1 read it first.

6 intrusions butterfly defect : volume 2 : read it just right after 7 parallels

5 women : volume 3 : read it after 6 intrusions butterfly defect

10 plagues : Prequel, this is the first volume of the prequel trilogy read it after 5 women.

9 destinies : Prequel, this is the second volume of the prequel trilogy, read it after 10 plagues

8 great minds : Prequel, this is the third volume of the prequel trilogy : read it after 9 destinies

4 enemies :  1st volume of the sequel trilogy, in chronological order happens just right after 5 women. Read it after the prequel trilogy

3 currencies : 2nd volume of the sequel trilogy read it after 4 enemies

2 choices : last volume of the sequel trilogy  read it after 3 currrencies 

1 end : Last volume read it after all the others!! 




                           10 plagues is in chronological order the first volume where everything starts and where you understand why New Vision is going to be created. 

                           9 destinies is in chronological order the second volume where you meet the people who will created New Vision and where they actually create New Vision

                          8 great minds is in chronological order the third volume where New Vision is already established and launches the "8 great minds" project. 


                         7 parallels is in chronological order the fourth volume where New Vision is already established and launches the " 7 parallels" project. 

                         6 intrusions butterfly defect is in chronological order the fifth volume where New Vision is already established and launches the "6 intrusions butterfly defect" project. 

                         5 women  is in chronological order the sixth volume where New Vision launches the " 5 women"  project. 

SEQUEL TRILOGY : (Where publisshing order and Chronological order are finally identical)

                         4 enemies is in chronological order the seventh and is also the 7th volume published where New Vision needs to fight against four groups of enemies trying to prevent New Vision from launching the "7 parallels project", in this book we will come back during the 7 parallels project which may finally....have never taken place... Will New Vision succeed and win the fight against enemies trying to prevent them to save the world? 

                         3 currencies is in chronological order and publishing order the eighth volume where I can absolutely not tell you what is going on otherwise I would spoil the end of 4 enemies. 

                         2 choices is in chronological order and publishing order the ninth volume where I can not tell you what is going on. 

                         1 end   is in chronological order and publishing order the tenth volume where we come to the series conclusion, this volume will be the most philosophical as we will go over the questions that arose during the series and try to link them to the biggest questions of our existence on this planet and in this universe and you will why not find some answers? Or rather some more questions!...



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