Bumbuzzland : an inspirational children book series


Bumbuzzland children book series

                   Let me introduce you to my children book series : Bumbuzzland


Bumbuzzland is a planet in the Bumbuzz galaxy 

                   The inhabitants on Bumbuzzland are called the Bumbuzz

Bumbuzzland children book serie

         The Bumbuzz are very peaceful and funny creatures who spend their days eating doing sport and learning things. The Bumbuzz love learning and discovering it is their favorite activity.

        The Bumbuzz are all made of different colors and they are proud of all of their different colors, they know that being all different is a richness. Diversity is definitely Bumbuzzland's pride. 

 As their planet and each and every item on Bumbuzzland, we can recognize the Bumbuzz by their little antennae on their head. The bumbuzz galaxy is the one and only galaxy where some planets are shaped as pizza slices and hamburgers

Bumbuzzland children book series

And here is Bumbuzzland flag  on which we can read : vivre pour apprendre, découvrir, construire, aider et s'amuser which in French means live to learn, discover, build, help and have fun 

Bumbuzzland children book series

 About Bumbuzzland.

I created the Bumbuzz and Bumbuzzland for my pupils when I was a kindergarden and first grade teacher. I introduce them to my students to teach them moral lessons as well as to learn languages. I had the idea of  the universe and the characters and my husband who is an illustration artist gave them life. 

I was printing their little stories and little games around them and I created a Youtube channel my pupils and their parents loved. Today I am not a teacher anymore and I am a full time writer so I decided to introduce the Bumbuzz universe and Bumbuzzland to children all over the world. Bumbuzzland is about to become a children book series, first volumes to be published in a few days  are here below : 

Welcome to Bumbuzzland                     Learn and play with Bumbuzzbelle                    

Apprends l'anglais avec les Bumbuzz and Learn English with the Bumbuzz

Learn and play with Bumbuzzboon                             Learn and play with Bumbuzzix
Learn and play with Bumbuzzrock                             Learn and play with Bumbuzztop 


Learn and play with Bumbuzzjay                             Learn and play with Bumbuzzdine 


Learn and play with Bumbuzzpal                             Learn and play with Bumbuzzstan 


Learn and play with Bumbuzztou                                  Learn and play with Bumbuzzjia                      
Bumbuzzland children book series



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