Characters description in fiction novels what is too much what is not enough description?


characters description in New Vision book series

          Many writers from the #WritingCommunity on Twitter often tweet about their doubts when creating a character for their fictional novel. 

            Most of the time I participate in these discussions and of course talk about my own experience about what I choose to do. If it can help any other writer or my readers understand and figure out why I do things the way I do, then it was a good idea to write this article, so here you go. 

So the method I apply to have my readers meet my characters in New Vision is this one : 

I give them a first name and a last name that is culturally attached to the region, the culture the character comes from and grew up in. This way I do not need to talk about skin color or eyes or hair color which I think is a pejorative thing to do. 

I do not either want to say old or young so I usually give a birth date for all of my characters. And of course unless I want to insist the person is tall, I will not go into silhouettes or clothing descriptions unless it is important for the scene. 

The main reasons why I do this is that I want my reader to completely imagine  the character, I want the character to be the reader's, I want my reader to create the character exactly as he wants just with the information I gave. 


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