Construction Versus Deconstruction the main topic of New Vision book series


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  I would like to go through New Vision book series main topic which is how humans are a threat to humanity, beauty and harmony. The main topic? Yes, but most likely a guide, an inspiration about how it can not be that way, nothing is already written. Over the 10 volumes saga, New Vision features a freemason organization trying to builld and later on rebuild a world where only the beauty there can be in humans lead that world's construction.
Why Freemasons? Why did I choose to have the world saved by Freemasons? Well of course Freemasons who else than builders can build? Since their very first creation the Freemason order tried to build a world of brotherhood values where everything is thought to be logic and easy for a person having good intentions. The love and admiration for geometry and all equations ruling our universe and its creator have inspired that order to go on with values that are the only ones who can save our world and humanity. Intelligence, Empathy, Tolerance and Brotherhood are the only values able to save humanity but also the only values who can build a world. Try to raise a building without getting along with people around you involved in that construction! Of course you won't be able to! Do I need to remind you of the tower of Babel story? Because this, what we are doing right now, the way we live in our modern world, the way we are trying to build our world, our society is very similar to that tower of Babel story, a bunch of idiots not speaking the same language, the one true language of truth and tolerance we should all be speaking trying to work together on something that really has never any way whatsoever to succeed.
Humans need to understand they all are a part of something bigger and it is only standing together that they will stand.

This is why the world and humanity's saviors in New Vision are the Freemasons. Now that we talked about construction, let's talk about deconstruction because that here, really is the main topic of the New Vision book series. How good people with values and intelligence building or at least trying to build something have constantly to fight bad and stupid people without values deconstructing or at least trying to deconstruct what others have built.

                Construction Versus deconstruction : In the first volume "7 parallels ":   the world in which evolve populations has become so bad it needs to be deconstructed by the 7 parallels project which will build a better world. 

                Construction Versus deconstruction : In the second volume "6 intrusions butterfly defect" : the world in which evolve populations has lost a big part of his humanity as he does not know art anymore, this time the construction will need to be the art reconstruction. 

                  Construction Versus deconstruction : In the third volume "5 women" : Our society has built a society with lack of fundamental values like gender equality and this the construction work that will need to be done in here, building a world with gender equality.

               Construction Versus deconstruction : In the first prequel trilogy volume "10 plagues" : This volume tries to show you how much our political leaders have tried to ruin something potentially beautiful by rising us against each other just in order for them to control us better. In 10 plagues you learn that building a civilization is not simple but we've been prevented to build something strong and beautiful by evil leaders. 

                   Construction Versus deconstruction : In the second prequel trilogy volume "9 destinies" : This volume is so much about construction , so much about building, it is where you learn who are the people embracing Freemason values who will decide to build New Vision and you will learn that building a  fair world is above all about raising your child with values, because children are our tomorrow world. In this volume you meet New Vision's founders and understand why having good parents is important for a child and for the adult he will become. 

                   Construction Versus deconstruction : In the last prequel trilogy volume "8 great minds" : This volume teaches us to be thankful for what our ancestors did go through and discovered, this volume is an ode to construction and discovery and how our most brilliant minds through our human history valued construction and strived to build a better world. 


                   Construction Versus deconstruction : In the first sequel trilogy volume "4 enemies" : This volume shows how bad humans can be and how hard we need to fight against evil because evil can arise from ayone. In this volume we fight our worse enemies, people filled with hatred who only have one concern : deconstruction and demolition of our humanity. 

                       Construction Versus deconstruction : In the second sequel trilogy volume "3 currencies" : This volume shows what money has done to humans and how humans completely missed the most important treasure they had in their possession which was actually time and not will discover in this volume how rich you actually are. 

                        Construction Versus deconstruction : In the last sequel trilogy volume "2 choices" : This volume teaches you that you always have the choice in life between doing good or doing evil...

     Construction Versus deconstruction : In the very last volume of the saga "1 END" : This volume goes through all of our deepest questions and answers one of the most important ones : our end. Will humanity come to an end? Something will be ending but maybe not in the way we think…


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