Cultural diversity in New Vision book series


New Vision book series


New Vision book series will take you everywhere on the planet and in space but you will not do this alone, New Vision members are from every continent and of course they all are accomplished polyglots!

Around Japanese Time travel inventor Kazuhiko Ken and New Vision founders German Julian Reiner, Norwegian Ingrid and Jonas Svenssen, Irish Mark Enfield, Indonesian Meredith Silva, Guarani Enola Yuma, African American William Taylor and New Vision elite members Tahitian Numia Tahiri, American Nicole Wells, British Clara Reeves, Iranian Shiraz Sanam, Thai Lamaï Hansa, Chilean Rosario Reyes, Senegalese Idrissa Mbanyang, Palestinian Naël Hazboun, and many others through New Vision 10 volumes who take us in dimensions where American, African and Australian continent have not been colonized by Europeans and where inhabitants are still loyal to their original culture. Actions are then led by Delsin, Cholena and Hurit descendants from Lenape origins or Tjupurrurla Wangal from the aboriginal culture. The cultural diversity from its members is one of New Vision protagonists as it is thanks to their differences that they succeed in uniting humanity, a world that was so far divided by what New Vision fights : stupidity, hatred and intolerance.


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