Heroic fictions with totalitarianism Versus rebellious forces as in the real life


Heroic fictions with totalitarianism VS rebellious forces

Politics in Star Wars is one of the perfect examples on  how totalitarianism and rebellious forces guide most of our heroic fictions. 

    It is no secret George Lucas got inspired by the Ancient Rome and by Hitler's rise to power in Europe to write about the Galactic empire. 

    If we take a closer look to ingredients we find on all of our most heroic epic fictions we find the big villain with absolutely no empathy at all and no sense of reality. Somehow that big villain manages to rally other leaders who mislead and deceive the people, their union create a world order that enslaves, mislead and mistreat the people. Then appear rebellious forces and heroes who will take all risks to save the enslaved and mistreated people. 

We can easily find similarities with any epic saga like Lord Of The Rings and even The Walking Dead reminds us that we are all always at the mercy of villains who will not consider all of our christian values of empathy, tolerance and mutual aid just to achieve personal goals that are to rule with implementation of fear. 

Yet, those fictions have heroes, they are the Jedis, it is the Fellowship of the Ring or they are called Rick Grimes or the Avengers. 

    Those heroes they will take risks to fight the villain because they still have those values of empathy and mutual aid. 

                         In the real life, when we have these heroes they are more likely to end up killed by the CIA or the MI6 special forces, yes absolutely, go do some reading if you think that's not true, (well yeah I'm what some idiots called a conspiracy theorist, wait? Wasn't it proved that CIA and MI6 killed people? oh yes it was but still! shhhh you wouldn't want to worry sheeps beacuse they did not talk about that on any news channel so that must be a fake information, a conspiracy)  If you do not find anything about that when you search for it, it means you don't really know where to get your information and your habits have to change. 

    So these heroes in our real life, we almost don't notice them, sometimes we don't even have the time to know them. 

 Because, when they do not have a car or plane accident or they are not poisoned, well then they are imprisoned. Of course I can't write this article without having a thought for Julian Assange who while I write this is still imprisoned for having revealed truth about our villains that we keep feeding. 

If in fiction the empire falls, Sauron falls and at some point Negan falls, in reality our evil governments are still standing. What? You wanted me to tell you Hitler fell! Let me laugh here, do you actually realize evertyhing this crazy guy wanted to do is actually coming to life now? 77 years after the fall of nazisms and third reich we live in the most totalitarian system than ever. 

In fictions people win because writers writing these fictions can write whatever they want to write and what they want is giving you hope and inspiration, yes you people can fight the villain. 

In New Vision, our heroes are the Freemasons who reminded the world about his christian values and saved it, but once again, this is all coming from my brain, in New Vision we win, we get rid of that totalitarian system that are our governements. But New Vision is a dystopian fiction. I would hope some of us have what it takes to be such heroes and fight the big villain, but this villain have succeeded in imposing us to live in fear and even worse : in comfort, but, this comfort you are all about to lose it, and then we'll see if you lazy ass people wake up! 


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