Humanity's big questions and topics treated in New Vision book series


New Vision book series


          New Vision book series is about human kind and the universe, humankind's place in the universe 

and its fate. All of the big questions are asked and all of the big questions find answers. As a reader, will you agree with these answers? 

    Our relationship with each other, our relationship with God, our relationship with the universe, our relationship with time and our relationship with nil. 

Life and death, matter and nil. 

Reflection, search, curiosity, heroic burst and submission, yielding. 

Beauty, transcendence, science and  hate.

Creation and demolition, evolution and regression as many topics unroll as the reader goes through this 10 volume heroic adventure through time, universe and possibilities. 

 Don't wait and start today making your own opinion about humanity's fate and questions answered in New Vision book series, start reading Volume 1 : 7 parallels available in English and French and soon to be in Italian and Spanish     



New Vision book series


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