New Vision book series pricing


New Vision book series

                I wanted to make a point on the pricing I set up for each of the volume of New Vision book series.   The reason why I set a price very similar for the ebook version more or less 9 US dollars and the paperback version more or less 12 US dollars is because I wanted to encourage my readers to buy the paperback version. Imagine maybe in 50 years from now those will still be around and foundable in a library, in a house, in an attic and they will have other readers. Other generations will be impacted by the message of tolerance and peace I want to vehiculate with it. So please, buy those books and once you read them forget them in a train station or maybe on a bus seat, on a park bench or maybe near a school bus stop. 

  Oh and if you need another one because you "lost" yours then here is the link! 



                           English Versions                     French Versions

                                 Volume 1                           Tome 1  

                                 7 parallels>                      7 parallèles >   

                                 Volume 2                           Tome 2

               6 intrusions butterfly defect>           6 intrusions défaut papillon>

                                  Volume 3                           Tome 3       

                                5 women >                          5 femmes >  

                                  Volume 4                           Tome 4

                                10 plagues>                          10 plaies>

                                  Volume 5                           Tome 5

                                 9 destinies>                          9 destins>

                                   Volume 6                           Tome 6

                                8 great minds>                     8 grands esprits>

                                   Volume 7                           Tome 7      

                                  4 enemies>                           4 ennemis>                         


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