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New Vision book series locations

          Although speculative fiction New Vision book series will take the reader from 52 BC in Auvergne France to a spaceship in 2122 it will also  take you in many other places in the world. From Cybele Palace in Madrid to the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam. From the Oslo royal Palace to the White house in Washington or the Chrysler building, the Winter Palace in St Petersburg to the Louvre in Paris stopping by the Chapultepec castle or the Wannian Temple on Emei mount near Chengdu in Sichuan province. To the Mission Dolores basilica in San Francisco to Gizeh pyramids stopping by the Capela de Nossa Senhora da Rocha in Porches, Portugal and the St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral in Jakarta. From the Manécanterie in Lyon, France to the Prague Castle and the Stockholm royal Palace, you will travel a lot within New Vision book series.

                     All of the places above are some of the places where New Vision placed individual transfer platforms to generate time travel. Using the individual transfer platform coupled with a spatio-temporal key you will be able to have appear the platform that will create a time travel passage through a negative mass Lorentz wormhole. New Vision time travel platforms need to be physically installed in one location to be able to appear at any year programmed on the spatio-temporal transfer key only if that building was existing at the time. It is for that reason that so many platforms are set up in so many historicla monuments across the globe. Reading New Vision book series you are certain you will travel far and not only in time.

At the opposite of many other epic saga universe who evolve in what we call " speculative" universes, New Vision universe is mainly hapenning in real world locations and this is done on purpose so that the reader identifies himself into the book hero, so that the reader becomes conscient it is exactly that one world of his that is endangered and needs to be saved. All of these beautiful monuments are endangered because of our lifestyle and the pollution it creates right now, between pollution and islamists having already destoyed many of our world heritage sites we need to be aware of what tomorrow could be in a world where all of this does not exist anymore. This is why New Vision acts within the 10 volumes of the saga to save what our planet has that makes it so special. And this is the reason why New Vision's scenes are all in places that you should be aware still exist today but might not for long.

I always found amazing how Star Wars universe fans were emotionally attached to the geographical regions where speculative universe of Star Wars have scenes brought to life by real-world locations in Tunisia….in an area known as Tataouine.

Although a few scenes set on Tatooine were filmed in Death Valley in the United States, the majority of desert scenes in the original Star Wars were filmed in Tunisia, with subsequent films in the series also returning to shoot footage in the country.

Although some of the sets created for Star Wars filming in Tunisia have been destroyed by time and the desert environs, many of the structures are still standing and continue to draw visitors who wish to experience the magical atmosphere for themselves.

The best-preserved Star Wars sets in Tunisia include:
Ksour – These traditional fortified granaries in the Tataouine area were used to represent the Mos Espa slave quarters in the prequel trilogy and are instantly recognizable for their multi-storied vaulted rooms. Two separate Ksour were used for filming, the Ksar Haddada, and the Ksar Oued Soltane, one of the biggest in Tunisia.
Matmata – This small hamlet near Tunisia’s southeastern coast was used as a stand in for the Lars homestead, where Luke Skywalker was raised by his aunt and uncle. Visitors can take in the farm buildings used for exterior scenes, and can even stay in the location for interior shots, the Hotel Sidi Driss. This underground labyrinth of interlinked tunnels and rooms still contains many of the original props used for filming.
Nefta – This tiny desert-bound town is home to the distinctive entrance dome to Luke Skywalker’s homestead. As it was rebuilt for Revenge of the Sith, the structure is in good condition and the perfect spot for a photo opportunity at sunset.
Ong Jemal – Visitors can discover one of the best-preserved and most extensive Star Wars sets in Tunisia deep in the depths of the Tozeur desert, where the town of Mos Espa still stands intact. True Star Wars fans will want to take their time to wander among the surreal buildings and enormous moisture vaporators and imagine they really are in a galaxy far, far, away.

While in the area of Ong Jemal, Star Wars completists may be tempted to take the short trip out to the striking desert bluffs where the evil Darth Maul spied upon his prey in the The Phantom Menace. Fans may also want to visit the Chott el Jerid salt flats used for landspeeder scenes in the original film.

    Como Lake in Italy is also a region Star Wars fans are attached to because Director George Lucas shot scenes from "Star Wars" Episode 2 in the Villa Balbianello in Lenno on Lake Como.Lucas has hardly changed this location! You know immediately where he shot which shot. The only exceptions were the two dome-like buildings that you see in the film from the lake. There really isn't any. The island that you see from the terrace in the film does not exist either. But otherwise everything is the same from the trees to the fountain. The entire property of Villa Balbianello is an approx. 350 square meter large garden with three buildings. One of them looks like a church.
In the film you only see the wall when Anakin and Padme walk from the boat to the terrace.
The second building is where Anakin stands and thinks the night after his nightmare. This building only consists of two rooms which are separated by a passage with arches. The third building does not appear in the film and is very unspectacular.
Allegedly the recordings of Padme's family were shot in it. These scenes were later cut out.

But the biggest thing was when I stood on the terrace for the first time where Anakin and Padme were getting married. You could just imagine how everyone worked here, where the camera was positioned and so on.

Spiritual critics cannot avoid the power of the images and praise the Mediterranean landscapes and for their part Buildings of the planet Naboo, which in reality show the surroundings and the Villa Balbianello in Lenno on Lake Como. This backdrop becomes the scene of the romance between Anakin and Padme Amidala.



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