The African continent and black history's place in New Vision


Africa and black history's place in New Vision

              New Vision book series is about inspiring about what matters and rising tolerance through looking back at our history and mistakes in the past. In the ideal world the Freemason organization New Vision is trying to build, the African continent has its place as equal to all the others. The World New Vision builds through 7 parallels to 4 enemies is a world where not only the African continent gets to have its share, black people history is one of the most present protagonists within several New Vision volumes. Black history leaders and America's civil rights icons are part of important plots within several volumes of the book series.

New Vision book series has one and only goal and message : having the reader look through history's fails and learn about solutions for the future. 

New Vision's aim is to get the reader thinking he can do more than read, he can do more than think, he can act today at the present moment for tomorrow. Yes, no one is actually able to get back to the past and annihilate events and mistakes but anyone has the ability and the right if not the obligation to look ahead and know how to act for that better future to take place without need of going back and change things, because we can all change things today. 


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