Imperialism and colonialism annihilated in New Vision book series


New Vision book series


You will soon find out that the civilization issued from the 7 parallels project is not a civilization that will know the white man's domination, it is not a world where Europeans will conquer other continents, it is not a world where imperialism and colonialism will exist...

In the New Vision book series the American continent is one of the protagonists as actions take place in several cities of North, central and South America at different eras and even in different realities.

In 7 parallels we find out that the decies reality coming from the Butterfly effect of 7 parallels wil have left the American continent intact, without any colonization. Therefore in all the volumes following chronologically 7 parallels as 6 intrusions butterfly defect, 3 currencies, 2 choices and 1 end you will discover that the different cultures and main characters being part of the main plot are therefore from native american cultures. The Oceanic continent, Australia and New Zealand have also kept their original cultural identity 

This is how you will end up reading about action hapenning in cities like Mana-Hatta, Shawmut, Cuk Son, Seattle, Malbanchia, Kaw-goosh-kaw-nick, Maliwu, Checaugou, Pancanaset, Ogapogee and Coaquannock


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