Culture at the heart of New Vision book series


Culture at the heart of New Vision book series

In each and every volume of New Vision book series you come across references about arts, architecture, history, philosophy and science. From simple references to entire historical scenes, New Vision is a science fiction saga where culture is a main part of the plot. 

Of course in volume 2  6 intrusions butterfly defect the art and humanity's relationship with it are at the heart of the book's plot. 

But in all the books during our characters missions, we travel in many cultural places and readers enjoy learning about those place like for example : 

From France in 52BC to Mauritania and Portugal in the 15th century, from London in the 18th century to Constantinople in the 6th century you will travel a lot within each of New Vision's volumes. 

    New Vision also sets its time traveling platforms inside the most beautiful momuments and palaces in the world because, it is very useful a place physically exist at several eras to time travel! So you will go from  Cybele Palace in Madrid to the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam. From the Oslo royal Palace to the White house in Washington or the Chrysler building, from the Winter Palace in St Petersburg to the Louvre in Paris stopping by the Chapultepec castle or the Wannian Temple on Emei mount near Chengdu in Sichuan province. To the Mission Dolores basilica in San Francisco to Gizeh pyramids stopping by the Capela de Nossa Senhora da Rocha in Porches, Portugal and the St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral in Jakarta. From the Manécanterie in Lyon, France to the Prague Castle and the Stockholm royal Palace, Venice Lido, Alexandria, Cairo, Kinshasa au Congo, and many many other will travel a lot within New Vision book series.

                     All of the places above are some of the places where New Vision placed individual transfer platforms to generate time travel. Using the individual transfer platform coupled with a spatio-temporal key you will be able to have appear the platform that will create a time travel passage through a negative mass Lorentz wormhole. New Vision time travel platforms need to be physically installed in one location to be able to appear at any year programmed on the spatio-temporal transfer key only if that building was existing at the time. It is for that reason that so many platforms are set up in so many historicla monuments across the globe. Reading New Vision book series you are certain you will travel far and not only in time.  


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