Human emancipation at the center of New Vision book series


Human emancipation in New Vision book series

           Free from any hierarchical power , that's the world and society New Vision creates. From its 800 years of fight against Vatican and religious institutions to its investigations leading to world leaders condamnations at the International criminal court, from its successful putsch in 2080 to its wiki parliaments system, from 7 parallels butterfly effects leading to a perfect society and civilization where brotherhood, peace and tolerance are the main tenets, by putting critical thinking, humanity, research and science at the center of its interests, New Vision succeeded at emancipating human beings from any kind of hierarchical power making decisions for masses. 

         In New Vision book series you will be introduced to all possibilities humans have to be fully emancipated from ancient powers and hierarchies preventing society's flowering. 

           In this 10 volumes science fiction dystopian saga you will also go through big sociology questions of our times. The main one being : Why do we keep using a system crushing people, an unfair and not working system when today we have all the means to succeed emancipated from hierarchical powers in place? 

             You can start reading New Vision with 7 parallels being the first volume>


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