New Vision book series timeline


New Vision book series timeline

       In chronological order :

 10 plagues> 

In this volume being the first prequel volume, you travel far in the past when New Vision enemies started to take over the power, from crusades to the American continent discovery and from the third reich to today's pharmaceuticals wars for power. Discover what are our civilization's plagues who contributed to the creation of New Vision organization. From France and Italy in the 11th century to England in the 14th century, America in the 18th century to everywhere in the world in 2022 to end up in 2080 when it all started for New Vision...

9 destinies> 

In this 5th volume of the saga and this second volume of the prequel trilogy you will find out who are the 9 members of New Vision who created the organization. You will also find out how Apple or Google are involved within New Vision's creation and how the organization takes over the power everywhere on the planet in 2080.

8 great minds> 

In this 6th volume or the third and last volume of the prequel trilogy,Kazuhiko Ken creates and New Vision launches the "8 great minds" project where New Vision elite members will travel to the past to recruit these 8 great personalities who will become New Vision members and work with the organization on future projects.

7 parallels> 

Find out what adventures are expecting you while reading 7 parallels, if you like historical fiction and adventure within a science fiction universe, you will love the New Vision saga and 7 parallels who takes you from 52BC in Gaul to VIctorian London stopping by 15th century Portugal and Africa.

6 intrusions butterfly defect> 

In this second volume of New Vision book series, you will travel from 19th century Camargue in Arles, to 1970's New York and from early 19th century Vienna to 1950's Idaho and of course to a spaceship in 2122

5 women > 

In this third volume you will travel from France in the 1920's to Egypt and Congo in the 1930's, from 1920's Switzerland to Cambridge Massachusetts in the early 20th century to break the glass ceiling...

4 enemies> 

In this 7th volume of the saga or the first volume of the sequel trilogy find out who New Vision enemies are and what they plan to do to prevent the 7 parallels project to take place.

3 currencies> 

Find out how the civilization born from the 7 parallels project's butterfly effect evolves and how they built a tolerant and egalitarian society with the Karma coin.

2 choices > 

Now that New Vision has saved the planet and humanity, they can focus on an important cause for them, which is the quest for truth.
In this ninth volume, the team of the spatio-temporal department develops a space exploration project in order to obtain essential truths about the universe. The time has also come for all members of New Vision recruited in reality A to decide if they stay and participate in this space exploration project or if they return to their initial reality.

1 end> 

What will be the end of the saga? What is the end of? Humanity? Universe? Find out on what note ends New Vision book series.


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