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New Vision book series

            In the chronological order starting with the prequel trilogy :


New Vision dystopian science fiction book series

10 plagues : The 1st volume of the prequel trilogy covers period of time from 11th century and the crusades to 2050 when the 9 members who created New Vision meet. The book cover shows the symbol of Freemasonry in the light and in the dark, the 10 symbols of their enemies and what led to New Vision creation, you can recognize in the enemies symbols the very first ones Freemasons had to fight against like the Vatican. Then you have the royal armories of England and the Medici family,when along with the Habsburg have also attempted to dismantle Freemasonry. You can also recognize the nazis symbol as nazis made many victims among Freemasons. Then you have New Vision enemies symbols like OPEC.  For the Philip Morris company brand logo, islam symbol, Pfizer logo and the coronavirus symbol , their symbol is on the cover because they are at the origin of 4 of the plagues described in the book. Each of the 10 symbols corresponds to one of the plague humanity had to go through and that convinced 9 people to create New Vision in 2080 after the G20 leaders condemnation for genocide by the ICC. In the background you can see bodies painted by Géricault for the raft of Medusa which is a shipwreck scene to symbolize the chaos and bad decisions taken by Freemason's enemies since the eleventh century who led our world to chaos. 


9 destinies :  In the foreground, you have the newspaper with the news of the G20 and the WHO condemnation, behind you have a puzzle as this book is like a puzzle where you need to figure out how New Vision was created and  who are the 9 people who created it. 

In the background : All the official buildings that have been taken down by New Vision during the putsch ran after the G20 leaders' condemnation.


8 great minds : This volume sets the action in 2108, 38 years after New Vision's creation. You will follow the new spatio-temporal department  brilliant quantum physics genius Kazuhiko Ken who created time travel 3 years ago in 2105.  The "8 great minds" project launched in 2108 consists in recruiting into the past 8 great minds from our humanity history to help brainstorming on New Vision's future projects and on how to save humanity from its self-destruction.    Of course on the book cover you can see the 8 great minds faces, these 8 people who represent for New Vision, not only freemasonry spirit and tenets but also human emancipation, love and mastery of science, critical thinking and a lightened conception of the universe and humanity.            


         The second trilogy in chronological order BUT THE FIRST TRILOGY PUBLISHED:


New Vision dystopian science fiction book series


7 parallels : This volume sets the action in 2121, after 8 great minds project, now NEW VISION's council with its new members recruited from 8 great minds are going to launch the 7 parallels project where they plan to annihilate 6 distincts events from human history in order to build a better civilization and annihilate climate catastrophes. On the book cover you can see the universe and the eye representing the "all-seeing eye" representing God' s eye and omniscience, implying that God looks favorably upon New Vision mastering time, it also reminds New Vision Freemasonry's tenets. 

6 intrusions butterfly defect : This volume's story takes place just right after 7 parallels project's butterfly effects, but not everything went alright with those butterfly effects! something went wrong. On the book cover , in the background you can see Vincent Van Gogh's starry night he painted during his stay in Arles in France, you will soon figure out the butterfly effect's problem involves art and that Vincent Van Gogh, recruited  along with 5 other artists will come up with a solution and will get involved in the project having for mission to repair 7 parallels butterfly effect's failures. 

5 women : This volume' story takes place just right after the 6 intrusions butterfly defect project and its aim is to change some events in the past patriarchal society to " rectify" history for five women of science. On the book cover you can see the 5 of them with the Nobel prize symbol in the center, you will understand why by reading the book.   

         The last trilogy, the sequel trilogy. 

New Vision dystopian science fiction book series

4 enemies  : This volume's story takes place just right after 5 women, when New Vision wants to shut access to reality A and is prevented to do so by the historical archives department that notices some plotting against New Vision into reality A, so New Vision will have to prevent those "enemies" to act out because they could dismantle everything New Vision accomplished so far. The book cover background is Guernica from Pablo Picasso as the painter painted it as an immediate reaction to the Nazi's devastating casual bombing practice on the Basque town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. This work has gained a monumental status, becoming a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and an embodiment of peace. The cross burning and Guernica represent 2 of the 4 enemies New Vision is fighting. 

3 currencies : This volume' s story takes place later after all New Vision's recent projects, it is set inside Reality Decies, the reality created by 7 parallels butterfly effects, it is then set into the "new civilization" where the economy has been organized over the past 20 centuries around bargain, "time" and finally the Karma coin, the last currency the entire world uses. 

The book cover represents the scale for the bargain, the hourglass for the time and the Karma symbol for Karma coin, it also reminds the two different aspects of the two civilizations, the one of the "past" before 7 parallels with fire and explosions, the civilization of chaos and destruction versus the new civilization the one of peace and organized system, the civilization of  measures and construction with the pyramid as symbol of a perfect construction but also as symbol of the trinity and of course for the duality immanence/transcendence constantly present within New Vision saga

2 choices : This volume' s story takes place after New Vision's last project and New Vision members initially recruited into the past into Reality A have to make a decision rather staying in Decies reality or getting back to their own initial reality a few minutes after the left it. 

The book cover represents the two worlds, the two civilizations New Vision members from reality A have to choose between to end their days, will they choose to get back to chaos and violence or to live in the perfect society in reality decies, on the top we face the new reality, the new dimension and civilization created by 7 parallels it is illuminated by the Freemason symbol and down you have the world of chaos.
You will understand why a mass shooting happening on South Street in Philadelphia in June 2022 has been taken to represent the world of chaos of the past civilization reading 3 currencies and 2 choices. 
In the middle there's the all-seeing eye of God who looks upon any decision they will make. 

                                The last volume, the Tenth volume

          1 end : You will understand this book cover once you read the book! 

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