What should be a writer's role?


    Writers have had different roles through our civilization's history, most of the times they helped seeing through obscure situations and contributed to social and intellectual growth of society. Today as we got into an era where leisure is at the center of everyone's interests, maybe the writer is retrograded to  entertainer. 
             For sure, a writer always needs to think about the reader's enjoyment, but does it mean that he can not invite the reader to reflect?  Did we already get to that point where reflecting is an effort for people? 

    I don't think all writers want to send a message and offer keys opening doors to their readers. I don't think all writers want to ask questions and invite the reader to reflect about events and situations with his own eyes.  Some writers just want to recite information or give answers, some just want to entertain. But I think all writers have a role to play in tomorrow's society and this is the one I want. 



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