Climate crisis, ecology and fight for the planet's preservation's place in New Vision book series


  Spoiler alert : 

    You find out in volume 5  "9 destinies" that the people at the origin of the creation of the organization New Vision are Ingrid and Jonas Svenssen who get Apple energy, Google and Amazon to join them into creating a nonprofit organization to accelerate the fight for the planet's preservation as governments don't act enough in their opinions, this is the beginning of everything...

    Of course in "7 parallels", Malena Svenssen, Ingrid and Jonas daughter, fights along with Mark Fenberg to annihilate the existence of the petrol industry, that is one of the six events New Vision decided to annihilate from human history. 

In New Vision volume 4, "10 plagues" you will find out that the petrol lobby is one of the ten plagues 

    In New Vision volume 6  "8 great minds" we get to know better the chaotic situation the world is in and why the future project 7 parallels will then take place, in that volume the 8 great minds that have just been recruited are invited to help New Vision to find solution to the housing problems created on the planet because of all the climate catastrophes that have happened in the past 30 years and it is Elon Musk's idea that is adopted by everyone as the best idea to relocate the third of the population of the planet that became climate refugees. 

In New Vision volume 7 "4 enemies" you will find out that one of the 4 enemies is the petrol lobby. 

In most of New Vision volumes the climate crisis is one of the most important protagonists as it is because of the climate crisis that New Vision is created. 

                      Fight for the preservation of the planet is written in NEW Vision's DNA and it is part of each of its members principles just like the Freemasonry tenets they share, New Vision members are always willing to  preserve, build, rebuild and protect our planet and our heritage. 



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