GAFA's place in NEw Vision book series



   Amazon CEO  Julian Reiner , journalist for Facebook news Mark Enfield, Apple energy and Apple's teams and Google teams  along with SpaceX, Caltech and Stanford universities, are all the ones following Greenpeace' employees Ingrid and Jonas Svenssen in their proposal of creating a non profit organization whose aim is to act urgently for the planet, this is where everything starts for New Vision in New Vision 9 destinies...

    All along the saga as soon as in 7 parallels we start to understand the role the GAFA will play in saving our world. 

     From Google 's phrase used in Google's corporate code of conduct Don't be evil" turning into Alphabet Inc's motto in October 2015, "Do the right thing" also forming the opening of its corporate code of conduct, to all the actions taken against climate change and to protect the planet, to their responsibility in alerting people about truth to all of their actions in the benefit of human emancipation, GAFA are NEW VISION, they share its tenets and this is why in the fiction, they are at the origin or everything, they save the world. 

                  Of course you will notice soon enough in the saga as early as in 10 plagues that Microsoft is on ther other side, on the enemy's side, the side of the manipulative governments that are condemned for genocide after Facebook news releases. 


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