Joelle Jacqueline's adventures : My New Young adult novel


            In a few weeks my new Young adult comedy novel "Joelle Jacqueline's adventures" will come out on Amazon ebooks= and paperback versions, English and French language. 

    The story behind the Joelle Jacqueline character  is this :

      When I first met my husband in 2013 and I started talking to him about how my mother ( Jacqueline) was, how she would always let people walk over her, how she was always such gullible and such a sucker and I told him several things I witnessed about my mom behavior telling him as I saw that since my early childhood, I always tried to be completely different than her, the opposite, be someone with self-confidence who does not let anyone pass in front of me in the queue and certainly does not let anyone walk over me he actually understood my mom was exactly like his (Joëlle)

So since that day my husband and I adopted the expression "do your Joelle Jacqueline" so for instance when my mome Jacqueline and her mom Joelle drive, when they get at a roundabout you know what they do? They say "I wait there's noone anymore"!!! Yes I swear to you they wait there's no more car coming and it can take a long time before that happens! 

                      So my husband and I started telling to each other "Don't do your Joelle Jacqueline" that could also come up when we had to have a confrontation with any kind of authority! Not doing our "Joelle Jacqueline" meant being self-confident and not fearing anything or anyone. 

    I came to the conclusion that my life, being the way I am as self-confident had been way easier than my mom's life, so I aspire for all little girls and boys to be self-confident, never be gullible or a sucker never be a "Joelle Jacqueline" this is why I had the idae of writing this novel in which , believe me or not, there are all adventures lived by either Joelle either Jacqueline where people walked over them. 

    Those funny stories will hopefully have children ages 9 to 14 have a lot of fun reading them but hopefully, it will teach them to always act with confidence and never let anyone walking over you. 


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