Truth's place in New Vision saga



             Truth, as we hear it, meaning reality, external truth as well as truth as we perceive it, truth in all of its forms is the biggest protagonist of New Vision book series. Of course, as New Vision, the fictive organization members,   we, all of us can only apprehend the world through a priori elements. Me, as a writer of course it is my case as well even though as a fiction writer I do have the absolute truth privilege. Everything I write comes to life in the story, everything I say exists exists, everything I say does not  exist does not exist and so on. 

    But that'd have been way too easy to build such a saga on fictional truth, this is not the dimension I was envisioning for New Vision, of course. 

        New Vision, the freemason organization exists in the fiction because some people wanted the real truth to be known. 

    New Vision, the fiction exists because I, the writer, wanted people to get interest in the real truth, I wanted people to question the truth they know, the one they perceive, the one that is imposed to them by horrible leaders and the one that is imposed to them by society and the others and of course all of those versions of truth are through a priori elements.

Where are we at then?

If truth can actually never be universal?

    Then we agree on codes and this is reasoning but if the idea of ​​reason has a regulating use and makes it possible to unify our experience, nevertheless it is unknowable and cannot be grasped intuitively.

    But staying out of Kant's establishment of transcendental logic, we quickly have the obligation to get back to his Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals, because moral laws must be universal, binding on all rational beings, in order to be the ground of obligation. So they cannot depend on specific features of human beings, but must be grounded in pure reason. Pure reason, this is what New Vision is aiming for and a pure will, good in itself, designates a will to do good, not out of a sensible inclination, but out of duty.

    It is out of duty but also out of a sensible inclination that I, as a writer am willing to always do good and that my fictive organization and its members are always willing to do good. This is why truth has a so big importance in New Vision saga, to do good. 

                       You will find out that as soon as in the 1st tome "7 parallels" that the only one truth New Vision members are certain and don't have doubts about is the trust and confidence they have in their abilities to do good. It is with faith and trust, faith in themselves, trust in themselves, faith in their tenets and trust in their tenets that they will succeed and expose lies. 

    in "10 plagues" this is where lies are exposed, lies of our current society and that once revealed will evolve into a better society created by 7 parallels butterfly effects.

                    Truth is also very present in 9 destinies, where New Vision takes the power over, in 4 enemies where enemies detain a fake truth, in 2 choices where we are about to know more about the truth and finally in 1 end where truth can finally mean something but still somthing through our own eyes. 

The truth in relation and opposition to myth is also present in New Vision book series as New Vision members understand that if they have faith it is in an entity that is unkown, the word GOD is often used in New Vision book series and even if most of the characters are mainly pantheists and all of them praise Christian values, New Vision members do not recognize any authority to religious scriptures as they fight against Vatican but GOD in meaning the universe creation motor is really present in New Vision book series. AND the TRUTH, the TRUTH about its existence and what it is and the truth about our universe's origins and creation is also a quest which is answered to New Vision volume 10 "One end". 




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