Who are New Vision book series readers? ...Who are my readers?


  As a writer, it is absolutely legitimate to wonder : who are my readers? Especially if you are an independent writer also in charge of running marketing campaigns as you have to know where to find them.

When I started writing New Vision, my hard science fiction dystopian time travel book series, the first thing I thought about was not the readers. 

I am not a big publishing company trying to make a lot of money, this is not my goal, I am a wroter with an ARTISTIC vision and this is mainly what triggers ALL of my projects. Art and literature and the love and passion I have for those.

Did I think : "Hey I need to wrte something people absolutely want to buy and read so I will put everything people like like sex violence and easy reading !"

ABSOLUTELY NOT I would say that this is what I fight against.

When I was inspired to write New Vision it was because I have a message to deliver and I wanted to do it in that specific way.

Today I am very happy and proud of my product, New Vision book series is smart, incisive, it makes you reflect about important topics we daily come across in life and it brings you answers.

New Vision book series has a lot of historical and cultural references, New Vision book series has a non linear narrative. Find my article about New Vision non linear narrative right here>

New Vision book series can not be enjoyed if you do not have a minimum of culture about world geography and world history.

I had the idea to write this article so that if you are a potential reader of New Vision book series you recognize yourself in here and that if you are not, you do not bother trying to read any New Vision volume.

The idea to write this article came to me as I received a message from a person who identifies as a 

    "BookTok" influencer this person's message was this : "I'm sorry. I can't do it. I'm 20% through the book and really just want to slam my head into a wall. I admit the book is very well written , but for me it's a difficult read. I am so sorry and I hate that I can't, but I read for enjoyment. Unfortunately this isn't enjoyable for me. I'm very sorry, but I can't continue this one. This book leans strongly into technical aspects  and these are the main issues I've had with the book."  

  Fortunately, New Vision book series also find its readers, so if you are more of a Tik Tok influencer who would slam your head into the wall because this is hard science fiction with technical details then don't bother!

    Now if you are more of a big Time travel fan who loves time travel fiction WITHOUT any plot holes where technical details have been thought even in the smallest detail of the smallest butterfly effects, you will love New Vision book series just like this person who is not a BookTok influencer but just a very passionate reader who reviewed 7 parallels like this  : 

    "Time travel is one of the topics that interests me the most, I love watching movies or reading books about it, so when I found this book I was excited. We’re in this futuristic world, where there is a lot of chaos, where a group of scientists will launch a project that will allow time travel, but specifically with the purpose of going to important points in the history of humanity, to modify them, to avoid disasters an d deaths of thousands of people. 

    The way in which the events are narrated is very captivating and addictive, especially each of the time jumps as well as traveling to the variety of places that we know, all about the butterfly effect, we’ll also come acros s great characters in history, such as Stephen Hawking, Abraham Lincoln and many more. Although it is a science fiction book, the author explains the scientific terms in a way that makes it easy to get into the story. It’s a book that encourages you to reflect on our society, on how small and inconsequential we think we are and how much we can change the world, on humanity and the mistakes it has made over the years. I loved it so much and was so fascinated by Jessica Lorenzi Conti's writing."

    If you think you are more like this second person then I need to let you know that you will probably love New Vision book series and I am looking forward to hearing from you! 

   Start reading New Vision book series today> 


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