Dystopia Versus Utopia in the New Vision book series


Utopia & Dystopia in New Vision book series

       Why a world in peace where everyone finds his place, everyone is accepted the way he is and there is no chaos, no war, no hate and no crime, why is an ideal world, an ideal society, an ideal civilization called a UTOPIA? Why the Atlantis could actually not have been...and is just a myth? Why a society, a civilization could actually not be ideal? I'm not the one saying this, I do not make up anything about this, but try, try to read and find out what people actually already decided, people decided that imagining a perfect world, a perfect society is a UTOPIA and if you look up at a utopia definition you find that is is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. HUMANS REFUSE TO BELIEVE THINGS CAN BE PERFECT, THEY RAISE CHILDREN, THEY TEACH THE YOUNG ONES THAT NOTHING CAN EVER BE PERFECT, a UTOPIA is a DREAM something that WILL NEVER EXIST, HUMANS TEACH THEIR CHILDREN THAT DREAMS ARE WRONG AND THEY DON'T COME TRUE. But what if humans were suddenly deciding perfect is better than good, perfect is a goal, perfect is something to achieve? Would our world, our society change? 

DYSTOPIA : the opposite of UTOPIA a chaotic society where everything goes wrong and nothing is perfect, everything is ruined, broken : PEOPLE BELIEVE IN THAT! They are scared about that because they know that's what's expecting them one day! The Abrahamic scriptures tell them that it once was and people have been punished, the Abrahamic scriptures try to warn them and people live fearing dystopia, but people are asleep because they are the only ones responsible of living in that dystopia they actually already are living in, you don't need Abrahamic scriptures to warn you people, you just need to face the world, think with your brain and understand UTOPIA is not a dream, UTOPIA is not an imagined perfect civilization, UTOPIA must be what you wish for, it must be what you are willing to do with your society, your civilization, your world, all make it work. THIS is what New Vision members thought in 2080 and this is what they succeed to give life to : a perfect world because they believed in it. My dad always told me that if I target the top of the mountain I might not get to the top of the mountain but I will get higher and further 
than the one person who does not target the top of the mountain because he believes he can't get to it. 

WE GROW UP THINKING PERFECT DOES NOT EXIST and we have to satisfy with good, the problem is that thinking this way, we do not even get good, we get bad. UTOPIA is not an imaginary perfect society for NEW VISION, UTOPIA is where they want to be and they succeed. Dystopia is not a fear because of Abrahamic scriptures for NEW VISION members dystopia is what they are currently living and all along the 10 volumes the reader finds out what element of our human history gets us closer to utopia or closer to dystopia...Wrong and bad and right and good, chaos or order, hate or tolerance, war or peace, New Vision members chose, will you make the same choice... Start reading New Vision book series with volume 1 "7 parallels".    

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