Fight against Economic and Social inequalities in New Vision book series


Fight against Economic and Social inequalities is a big part of  New Vision book series as in 7 parallels one of the event of history the jury of 7 parallels wants to annihilate is the capitalist exploitation who created inequalities among the world's citizens. 

You will find out what they mean by that, economists John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx and Adam Smith are New Vision members and are among 7 parallels project brainstormers and judges. You will enjoy their ideas about the strategy to adopt in the past at a certain moment of our history to make disappear capitalist exploitation to the benefit of an economy where the work value is the main capital gain for a world where workers are not hands, tools, servants or slaves but the capital. For a world where everyone has equally its place, for a world where everyone has value and benefits of a fair system who ends social and economics inequalities. 

Find out about Karl Marx, Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes and historian Marcus Rediker's strategy to annihilate capitalist exploitation from humanity's history by reading New Vision 1st volume, 

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