from alternate history to dystopia and time travel through a hard science fiction experience...many science-fiction sub-genres are present in New Vision saga

from alternate history to dystopia and time travel through a hard science fiction experience...many science-fiction sub-genres present in New Vision saga

 Although each of the 10 volume of the New Vision book series are part of science fiction sub-genre qualified as hard science-fiction

Many other science fiction sub-genrse take over along the 10 volumes. Here is some spoilers about how this all blends magnificently together...

Alternate history : This is definitely the science fiction subgenre of "7 parallels", New Vision book series 1st volume.

Of course without forgetting time travel and parallel universes 

Utopia, time travel and parallel universes are the three main sub-genres of New Vision book series 2nd volume "6 intrusions butterfly defect". 

The further we get into the saga, the more parallel universes are created, resulting from the butterfly effects New Vision missions have created.

in New Vision volume 3  "5 women", the two main subgenres are time travel and parallel universes and our heroines will have quite some hard time to deal with it! Our multiverse then grows again at the end of this volume...

From Volume 3 "5 women" we jump into 1st prequel volume from the prequel trilogy "10 plagues" I sincerely have no idea about how to classify 10 plagues, the main idea I had here was to install the apocalyptic vision I have about our present world and analyze where it comes from,... I will not qualify this as alternate history because it is more likely history than any kind of fiction for the main part, you will either hate or love 10 plagues which is sincerely completely different than all the other volumes. It is about how it all started how all of our sufferings got shaped over the history of our civilizations, it is why we are in the shit we are today and why we still have time to act for our future, let's say I qualify this volume of apocalyptic if I give up on human kind and epic heroic if I still trust human kind, you will make your own opinion about this volume.

"9 destinies" which is New Vision volume 5 or if you prefer the prequel volume 2 is part of near future science fiction sub-genre, set from 2030 to 2080 you will find out how New Vision really came to life, it is rebirth, the beginning of the reconstruction of a destructed world...

"8 great minds" remember this is the last volume of the prequel in other words just prior to the 7 parallels project : This is clearly a Dying earth, dystopia, where solutions need to be found for the whole planet and its population. 
"4 enemies" set chronologically just right after 5 women is alternate history / dystopia.

"3 currencies" is a focus on the daily life of the new civilization created by the 7 parallels project butterfly effects and  cyberpunk/ dystopia/ multiverse are the subgenres taking over as this civilization that never knew war or crime is way more adva,ced and masters technologies since the 19th century of their era...

"2 choices" is definitely a multiverse story but something new appears... space exploration and new questions...

and "1 end" finds "unfortunately" the answers to the questions risen in the whole saga...but unfortunately...


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