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The concept of time travel by mechanical means was popularized in H. G. Wells' 1895 story, The Time Machine.  Since that time travel fiction, many have been created and the means used to travel through time are not always mechanical, here is a few examples I chose to go through and of course I also talk about the means of travel used to travel through time and space in New Vision book series. 

In many stories of the genre the character who travels through time can also travel through space, finding himself into a different location than the one he left, this is the case for the TARDIS  (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) in Doctor Who TV series as the TARDIS not only travels through time but also space but it is not the case in Back to the Future where the DeLorean arrives exactly where it left. 

     In New Vision book series the means used to travel through time is a Lorentz wormhole and the individual transfer platform which generates the passage is used by the time traveler. In New Vision book series each platform corresponds to a location and it is thanks to the programmation of a spatio-temporal transfer key that the traveler is set to travel according to the geolocation and chronolocation data programmed on his key. A traveler can't get to a location where a physical transfer platform has not been placed. But for the chronolocation data, the physical platform can have been placed in any year, the platform will exist in all other realities and those platforms from platform to platform is the passage. 

     In many other stories of the genre where no mechanical means are involved we find just a passage to another dimension appearing in our reality, this is the case for 11.22.63 from Stephen King 

       Through all the examples we can find out there we also find psychological abilities like in the movie "The butterfly effect" where the main character has the psychological ability to transport himself into another dimension. We can also find that model in the TV series Heroes where Hiro Nakamura has the power to travel through space and time only thanks to his mental abilities. 


      Of course if we want to take many more examples where we are getting away from New Vision book series hard science fiction or even from science fiction we can also find comedies where we travel through time with the most creative techniques like in the movie The click where it is a remote control who sets the current time, a phone booth in Bill & Ted movies, a photobooth, a hot tub, even a fridge was initially planned in the very first script of Back to the Future. In the franchise, the DeLorean time machine is made out of a retrofitted DMC DeLorean car with a ‘flux capacitor’ needing 1.21 gigawatts of power and a speed of 88 miles per hour to capacitate time travel. However, in the original script, written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, the DeLorean was not found inside of a car, rather a fridge. The flux capacitator – the key component for time travel – was absent from the original script. Instead, the time machine was a “power converter” devised from a laser device and kept inside a refrigerator, which was loaded into a truck before being driven into a nuclear blast, which would initiate time travel.

The rather complicated process, which would involve Marty climbing into the fridge in order to survive the nuclear blast and transport to another place in time, was simplified by scrapping this idea and placing the device in the now-iconic DeLorean car. The image of Marty stepping out of the spaceship-like doors of the DeLorean fit the film’s sci-fi genre way better than the household image of a fridge. 

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