Time travel in dystopian fiction


      What better than a dystopia to make the reader, the spectator understanding the chaos of the situation? What better than a dystopia to involve the reader, the spectator and immerse him completely into the situation of destruction, violence and ruins of civilization, nil of society where he needs to decipher the codes of a solution?

    And what better than time travel to get the solution, to investigate and to decipher the codes of the problem to its origins? Or maybe like in the Terminator franchise or the Tomorrow war to fix the problem?

New Vision book series investigates, invites the reader to decipher the codes and takes action in the past to act on the dystopian future that is soon to be ours...

     The Terminator franchise, Edge of tomorrow, The Tomorrow War and Terry Gilliam's 12 monkeys are  movies you could describe as Time travel movies as Time travel is an important part of the plot. But it is not the only common point about these three movies as all are set in a dystopia. All of them treat the topic of the end of humanity and investigate and fight what caused its lost. 

     Of course New Vision book series has the exact same common thread : Humanity and the planet at stake and the tool used to investigate and fight that thread is Time Travel

    If in Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys time travel is mainly used to investigate on the dystopian situation the world is currently living in 2035, in The tomorrow war, Terminator and Edge of tomorrow the solution to fight the threat is found in time travel. 

The Terminator franchise uses time travel as a mean to fight the scourge at its origins and counts on the Butterfly effects to fix the chaotic, dystopian future this is exactly like New Vision book series as in 7 parallels, it is he origins of each event who created our present chaotic dystopian world that the 7 parallels project targets. 

The Tomorrow war recruits fighters in the past to go fight in the dystopian future in order to fix that dystopian future and Edge of Tomorrow has its fighters use time travel as a weapon as they use it to learn from their mistakes and act differently on the exact same action priorly failed. 

New Vision book series does each of the actions that are done in those 5 movies : New Vision like 12 monkeys investigates on a solution by traveling in the past and , like Terminator, they find a solution by interfering in the past. They count on the Butterfly effects of their actions in the past in order to establish the future they want to see, the solutioned future. New Vision like Edge of Tomorrow envisions not to fail because possibilities of trying to make things right are infinite thanks to time travel used as a tool. And finally New Vision like The tomorrow war recruits his brilliant members who will be brainstorming on the 7 parallels project and who will be the judges of the butterfly effects in our splendid past civilization and ont in the fallen one of course. 

                                             If you are a fan of one of these movies, you will love New Vision book series, so start reading New Vision book series with volume 1 : "New Vision - 7 parallels". 


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