What does Desacralisation mean exactly ?


Man's Eras what does desacralisation mean exactly?

           My new WIP is a science fiction cyberpunk story taking place in the future in a year not revealed on purpose as it invites the reader to guess how many years have passed between today's society and that future society. 

           The main purpose is for the reader to guess that we aren't that far from that new era as that period of time is called by its contemporaneous people. 

            Not to spoil but the main difference between what the world citizens at that time call The New Era and the Ancient Era (Ancient era starting with the first homo genre recognized as human to the first man who was conceived, was born and grew up in a raising farm) is that many things like human life, birth, reproduction, childhood, family, human death, body, health are not untouchable, they are not sacred anymore) So now instead all of these became just some products, items to add in a cart, rent, sell, bargain for. 

              Of course you will find out why society of the new era is so different than society now and what has been causing one to become another, by reading the book but I wanted to write this article to make a point on what exactly is and mean to desacralise things.        


              Of course our modern societies desacralized sex and human relationships, pornography we constantly see everywhere desacralize sex between two people, dating apps desacralise our relationship to the others and marital status, of course divorces desacralised the institution of marriage, and all of those of course occured duting the past 100 years.     Of course being a single parent or surrogacy desacralised birth and maybe all of these things are great as they offer opportunities and freedom to people who would not have had some chances or some opportunities. 

              But let's think about all of this for a moment where do barriers fall? Are there still any? What about when we desacralise a woman, a man or a child's body? What about when we desacralise a woman, a man or a child's life? What about when we desacralise a woman, a man or a child's death? 


                 I soon welcome you to enter the vision of our darkest possible future where no one has barriers anymore where everything is touchable, everything is for sale. 

                    Soon to be published : Man's Eras a cyberpunk novel by Jessica Lorenzi Conti. 

             And hopefully you'll have nightmares, deep thoughts and an opinion about it. 

                             For anyone reading this if you are interested in getting a free manuscript to read before anyone else, just get in touch on Twitter I'll be happy to get your thoughts. 



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