Science in New Vision book series


Science in New Vision book series

     New Vision book series is a ten volume science fiction alternate history series. 

As it explores an alternate version of our future where Scientists, environmental defenders and the SiliconValley companies get together to take down the political power in place, of course science has a big place inside New Vision books. 

In this article you can explore the different areas of science that are featured in each one of New Vision books. 

Astronomy and quantum physics 

In each of the volumes quantum physics take a big place as the organization New Vision has a special unit working on matter of space and time and that Time Travel through a multiverse with 7 parallel universes is the main topic of the story. 


Neurology and neuropsychology

The second book, 6 intrusions butterfly defect is mostly about the relationship humans have with art and creativity and the relation between neural development, war and peace. 


Many volumes of New Vision question us about our origins and evolution. 


You will notice that among elements linking books "10 Plagues" "7 Parallels" and " 5 women" are stories of some viruses origins.

Human sciences 

Human sciences are at the center of one of the 6 missions from the 7 parallels project 

"How could we live together in  peace in a better world respecting all species" could have been a subtitle of the saga. You will then quickly discover that everything , every question, every answer and every actions in every scene is a matter of sociology. 

If you are a reader interested in science, in history and in Human sciences, if while reading you also like thinking and REthinking you'll enjoy reading the New Vision 10 volume book series. 

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