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Fluent in three languages at age 5, I have a C2 (native speaker) level in French, English and Italian, I later in my life and as an autodidact thanks to a method I myself developed learned to speak and write Spanish, German, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese and to speak but not write Arabic, modern Hebrew and many Arabic dialects.

After a Master's degree in Education with a specialization in Human Development and Psychology, Social Science and Comparative Education from UCLA where I also attended a postgraduate training in cognitive psychology, I worked several years as a teacher, a humanitarian aid worker for UNICEF and finally a linguist for Apple artificial intelligence system.

My experience as a translator starts in 2006 when I am recruited by Lionbridge to work as a tranlator English to French and English to Italian in many fields of expertise, I have been working and collaborating with Lionbridge ever since and I still provide them today with translations English to French, French to English, English to Italian and Italian to English

I'm a great translator because I am also a teacher and I am a great teacher because I lived in many countries where I've always been fully immersed into the language and the culture, my approach to teaching a language is to understand the cultural aspects and not learn grammar rules by heart, I will always orientate my lessons taking in consideration regions, accents and other cultural aspects who can come up within the language training. 

My experience in teaching languages is as follows :

In classes and one-on-one settings :

French language teacher for Alliance française of Los Angeles for : chidren ages 2-12

                                                                                                           Teens and adults

Italian language & French language teacher for Beverly Hills Lingual Institute for : adults

Italian language & French language teacher for Berlitz language Santa Monica for : adults

English language instructor for : Wall Street English 

Online in videoconference :

For Learnship : French, Italian & English language instructor

For Global English : English language instructor

I've been working as a teacher from 2006 to 2009 and from 2013 to 2018

From 2099 to 2013 I worked as a humanitarian aid worker and it helped me learn other languages and develop the method I myself used to learn Turkish, Arabic, modern Hebrew and many arabic dialects.

from 2018 to 2021 I worked for Apple as a linguist for their Artificial intelligence system for French, Spanish and Italian languages.

In 2021 I decided to dedicate my days to writing and wrote a socially engaged science fiction book series, and am curretly working on my children book series and education and cognitive psychology guides. Inspired by the many countries I worked and lived in and by my background as a teacher and a cognitive psychologist I strive to emphasize authentic core values in all of my writings. Either it is in my science fiction dystopian time travel book series New Vision, in my Young adults Fantasy and comedy books or in my children's books series Bumbuzzland I always treat and favorize topics like tolerance,Integrity, honesty, respect, inclusion, fight for the planet and against inequalities.

I am currently translating all of my writings ( most of them are already available in English, French and Spanish) and thought it would be a great idea I offer this service to authors. 

 Services I offer 


I translate your published book or your non published manuscript in the following languages :

From English to French

From English to Italian

From English to Spanish

From English to Portuguese

From French to English

From French to Italian

From French to Spanish

From French to Portuguese

From Italian to English

From Italian  to French

From Italian to Spanish

From Italian  to Portuguese

From Spanish to English

From Spanish  to French

From Spanish to Italian

From Spanish to Portuguese

From Portuguese to  English

From Portuguese  to French

From Portuguese to Italian

From Portuguese to Spanish

 Why hiring me to translate your book? 

Translating literature or poetry is not translating a diploma, a birth certificate or a user guide.
       As a writer, it will be easy for me to understand what you want the reader to read, I will respect your narrative and the way you want it to be received by your reader in any of these languages. 
       In my professional experience as a linguist who worked towards making an artificial intelligence system the most comprenhesible, intelligible and of course, the most understanding as possible, I was an excellent element as I master the cultural knowledge of a language, idioms, current expressions, accents and formulations rather used in different situations or regions. 
 In my professional experience as a language teacher who taught different languages to students from different origins, I was an excellent element as I could adapt my teaching method culturally and personally also thanks to my psychologist and education specialist background. 


 What genres do I accept to translate?  

I accept to translate every genre from children's literature to adults, nonfiction as well, in nonfiction, I won't accept any technical guide needing deeper knowledge in a specific scientific field.  I accept any sociology, history, anthropology, psychology, economics, philosophy or theology topics. 

 How does it work for pricing, process and royalties? 

If you want me to translate your book or manuscript, start by sending me an email talking about it, once we agreed on pricing (I ask a service fee from 400 euros to 800 euros depending on the book and 15% of the royalties as a contributor)  Once we agreed you will receive a contract that you need to sign and the billing details. Once I received the fee payment, I will start working.

Delivery usually takes from 21 to 50 days. in the contract that you will sign, a delivery date will be agreed on. 

Convinced to trust me in having your book accessible to a bigger public? 
      Hire me to translate your book today by sending me an email at jessicalorenziconti@gmail.com




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